Dubai Expo2
René Roubicek installation, 2015
Photo Stepanka Stein & Salim Issa


Glass Legend René Roubícek (b.1922) Creates Crystal Masterpiece for EXPO 2015

Tradition and vision are two indispensable characteristic of Czech glass  combined in one sculpture Expo2 by renowned international glass artist Rene
Roubicek. This work is the ideological key pin between historical milestones in the world of studio art glass. It links artist’s two groundbreaking pieces made for the 1958 and 1967 World EXPOs in a very new technique of glass shaping.

Posted 9 April 2015

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Czech glass and design is presented in Dubai as a sculpture Expo2 by René Roubícek From March 16th until March 20 2015, in the framework of the prestigious show Design Days Dubai, a special project by world-renowned artist René Roubícek - Expo2 will be presented, which first began in June 2014 with the support of PRECIOSA Lighting.

Expo2 is a symbol of tradition and vision, two essential characteristics of Czech glass. The author's latest work illustrates the ideological link of historic milestones in the creation of studio glass in two of the best-known, professionally groundbreaking sculptural objects for EXPO 1958 and 1967.

Washington lustr
Lustry Cs. velvyslanectví v Londýne, 1969

Interkontinental 1974
Lustry kazetového stropu kongresového sálu hotelu Intercontinental, Praha, 1974

praguesone 056 upraven
„Karneval v Benátkách“, skupina trímetrových kompozic-postav z kovu a skla, vystavena nejprve v Benátkách (2004–2005), poté upravena a dotvorena pro nádvo?í Musea Kampa v Praze

Rene Roubicek Design Days Dubai PRECIOSA Lighting by Vasku&Klug 

René Robickek, 2015
Photo: Preciosa

The author’s idea to create work connecting major milestones arose in autumn, under the "Celebration of Czech Design and Glass", which was the opening of the exhibition Back to the Future: Expo 58. René Roubícek’s project was then admirably completed within six months.

“  "For me, today's cooperation with the master of Czech glassmaking, Mr. Roubicek, is primarily a symbol of continuity and uniqueness in the making of Czech glass. Irrespective of the different economic and social crises, he goes his own way and remains a part of the family jewels of the Czech Republic," stated CEO Pavel Marek.

Czech artist René Roubícek, one of the fathers of modern art glass, officially unveiled his latest work this past June. The celebrated ninety year-old artist created his crystal work, called EXPO², in cooperation with expert glassmakers from PRECIOSA Lighting. The piece will represent Czech design at various exhibits and expositions including EXPO 2015 in Milan (13/5/2015-30/8/2015 Euroluce, Hall 15, Stand F25-F27 and Brera Design District, Via Statuto 16) and EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

The EXPO² glass object, as its name suggests, follows René Roubícek’s key creative milestones and the art pieces which he created for EXPO 1958 and EXPO 1967.  The concept for creating this current object was, appropriately, conceived in the Jablonec Museum of Glass and Jewellery during the opening of the Back to the Future: Expo 58 exhibition, which commemorated the international success of Czech art glass. 

"About a year ago the master Roubcek regretted that since he had made the first luminaire with Mrs. Sramkova, he started to be considered as a lighting designer, not as a glass artist. He told me that he would have liked to create a valuable plastic or glass sculpture once again." briefly described the story of its creation, Art Director of PRECIOSA Lighting Jaroslav Bejvl ml.

PRECIOSA Lighting and Rene Roubicek, Expo2 Revelation

Jakub Machula, Martin Hamersky, Roman Kossek, Jan Slanina, Otakar Zamazal
Photo: Stepanka Stein & Salim Issa

"Last October, when I met the master he complained that from the time he developed his first chandelier with the Srámkovy husband and wife team many years ago, he came to be regarded as a chandelier rather than glass artist.  He confessed, that he dreamed of creating one more magnificent glass sculpture," explains Jaroslav Bejvl Jr., the Artistic Director at PRECIOSA Lighting and one of the most highly acclaimed contemporary Czech glass designers.

Dana Brabcova, KaterinaSchejbalova, Jaroslav Bejvlml, Michaela Pokorna, Barbora Zarska Pavel, Marek JanSlanina, Rene Roubicek, Michaela Lesarova, Roubickova, Martin Hamersky, Jakub Machula, Roman Kosek, Otakar Zamazal
Photo: Stepanka Stein & Salim Issa

PRECIOSA was able to help fulfill Rene Roubícek’s dream.  
A team of Preciosa glassmakers worked under the direction of the legendary artist at the Kamenický Senov glassworks, and after a record-breaking six months the EXPO² project was complete.  "For me, our cooperation with the doyen of Czech glassmaking, René Roubícek, is primarily a symbol of the continuity and uniqueness of Czech glassmaking, irrespective of numerous economic and social crises.  The tradition of glassmaking continues its own unwavering history here, and thanks to that, it is still part of the Czech Republic’s crown jewels," said PRECIOSA Lighting CEO Pavel Marek.

Photo: Stepanka Stein & Salim Issa

The interest in René Roubícek’s latest masterpiece is impressive.  In addition to the two world expositions, this visionary, who influenced three generations of glass artists from all over the world, will also have his piece shown in Prague and at the famous Glass Museum in Shanghai.  And after all this is over?  The spectacular glass object will most likely go to a private collector.
The Corning Museum of Glass wrote on René Roubicke:
Roubícek studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Prague from 1940 to 1944, in the studio of Jaroslav Holeèek, and at the Academy of Applied Arts with Josef Kaplický from 1949 to 1950. When the government began to rebuild the glass industry after the Second World War, Roubícek set out for Kamenický Senov to teach in the Specialized School of Glassmaking, where he remained from 1945 to 1952. A jazz musician who impressed his young students, Roubícek introduced revolutionary ideas for the shapes of blown glass and its cut decoration. He worked as a designer at the national glassworks at Nový Bor from 1955 to 1965, and taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague from 1966 to 1968.
Roubícek received a grand prize at Expo ’58 in Brussels for a much discussed, large, abstract sculpture made of multiple blown elements. The Czechs found it necessary to justify this display because it did not conform to the tenets of Socialist Realism, and it was described in its label not as a sculpture, but as an array of different kinds of glass materials. A major influence in modern Czech glass design, Roubícek has worked since 1969 as a freelance artist, often in collaboration with his wife, Miluse Roubieková. His glass sculpture and vessels have been exhibited continuously over the last 40 years in major international expositions, museums, and galleries. 

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Opletalova 3197
CZ-466 67  Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

Rene Roubicek Design Days Dubai PRECIOSA Lighting by Vasku&Klug 

Lustry ve vodním zámku Thurnhout (Belgie), 1994

Mrak ze stary knihy
„Mrak – voda, zdroj zivota“, prostorový objekt s fontánou, rucne tvarované kriistálové pruty, kovová konstrukce, 700 x 800 cm, Svetová výstava Expo '70 v Ósace (v pozadí „Reka zivota“ od Stanislava Libenského a Jaroslavy Brychtové)

Svetelný strop vstupní pasáze budovy Praha City Center, 1997

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