Prof. Dr. Joost M. A. CAEN


Born in Roeselare (Flanders - Belgium) on April, the 26th, 1959.
Studied Monumental Arts and Conservation-Restoration at the National Higher Institute and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (now AP University College of Antwerp) and obtained a PhD in Conservation-Restoration at the Antwerp University.
Prof. Dr. Joost Caen is a glass artist, aspecialist in glass conservation and is professor of glass conservation at ‘Conservation Studies – Faculty of Design Sciences – University of Antwerp’. 

Posted 19 March 2015

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Together with a colleague he founded this conservation line in 1988 and during several years he was co-ordinating these courses. Prof. Dr. Caen has been vice-secretary of the European Network for Conservation Education (ENCoRE) for many years and in this function he became an expert in European conservation programs at academic level. He is also member of several international heritage-organisations (ICOM, ICOMOS, IIC, AIHV, Corpus Vitrearum, …).

Prof. Dr. Caen has always defended a strong cross-over between thorough knowledge of human and natural sciences and competent hands-on work. He is also convinced that preservation of cultural heritage is depending on careful study of environmental conditions and knowledge of conservation techniques, as well as historical materials and techniques. Moreover Prof. Dr. Caen became an expert in the pedagogy of conservation education and has been involved in designing study programs in many conservation schools.

Apart from his academic career, Prof. Dr. Caen is a very active glass artist who realised projects all over Europe and in the USA.

Cloister windows, Abbey of Fonte Avellana, Italy

My artistic activities are mainly situated in a monumental context. Giving an added value to contemporary and historical architecture by integrating the splendour of glass art is my most important mission.
The dynamics of the light are prior to elaborated compositions and an abundant colour pallet.

‘Creating space’ with light instead of ‘taking space’ with my works of art, is my goal.
As heritage conservator and artist I consider the development of a contemporary visual arts’ language in historical monuments as crucial.
Furthermore the use of technological innovations, such as solar cells has to be seen in a perspective of sustainable development. This issue is an extra motivation for me to present this new material in my glass creations.
Joost Caen.

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Church windows, Abbey of Fonte Avallana, Italy

Seminar Church, Namur, Belgium

Evangelical Church, Lüdinghausen, Germany

Biography of Prof. Dr. Joost Caen, FIIC
-Roeselare, Flanders - BELGIUM,  26/04/1959
-Studied “Monumental Arts” and “Conservation” at the National Higher Institute and Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerpen.
-Diploma of the ‘Monumental Arts’ section and a Ma-diploma in Conservation-Restoration.
-PhD-studies at the Antwerp University, Antwerpen.
-Doctor in Conservation-Restoration.
-Independent glass-conservator and stained-glass artist since 1985 all over Europe and in the USA.
-Professor (conservation-restoration of glass and stained glass) at the University Antwerp since 1988. Head of the Conservation-Restauration-section from 1997 until 2001.
-Guest-professor at several conservation-institutes: Vantaa (Helsinki), Göteborg, Kopenhagen, Hildesheim, Erfurt, Würzburg, Berlin, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Amsterdam, York, Leon, La Granja, Lisbon, Porto, Washington, Shangai, etc. ...
-Several lectures at ICOM-, ICOMOS-, Corpus Vitrearum-, AIHV-conferences, and others.
-Scientific collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung, Würzburg; the UvA, Amsterdam; the Catholic University, Leuven; the Ghent University, Ghent; the K.I.K., Brussels; the Universida Nova Lisbon, Leon Cathedral, Leon, and others.
-Conservation-restoration projects in numerous monuments and museums in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, … .
-Partner in the EC-project “Constglass” (2010)
-Vice-secretary of E.N.C.o.R.E. (1998 – 2008)
-Member of I.C.O.M.; I.C.O.M.O.S.; I.I.C. (Fellow of IIC); the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (author); A.I.H.V., the Flemish Commission on Monuments and Sites and FARO (Flanders - Belgium).
-Several publications (atrticles and books) on conservation-restoration and especially glass-conservation.
Hertendreef, 6
B-2900 Schoten
+32 (0)3-6530919
University of Antwerp
Faculty of design Sciences - Conservation Studies
Blindestraat, 9
B-2000 Antwerpen
+32 (0)3-2137138

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