Coen Kaayk
De Bouwplaats
Photo: Guusje Kaayk


On Sunday 19 October 2014, the artist Coen Kaayk (67) died at home after a short illness. Coen Kaayk's work is in collections including the Gemeentemuseum Arnhem and major international companies. Kaayk was born in Etten (NL). Most of his work is non-figurative. In Tiel one can see his work at the sports hall Westroijen and one of his mobiles in the hall of the library. Kaayk worked much in plexiglass, a technique he mastered to perfection. He was given a State stipend for research into the use of plastics shortly after graduating from the Royal Academy in The Hague. He was commissioned by many companies and institutions to create sculptural figurines as their awards. Coen and his wife Guusje Smeets worked together, a cooperation yielding artworks which into the smallest details showed their creative skills, technique and originality. The work of their son and animator and filmmaker Floris Kaayk, who recently was awarded the Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs 2014 (Volkskrant Art Prize), added lustre to the fame of the artist couple.
See their stained glass window ‘Heden en verleden’ (Present and past), 2003, Tiel, Guusje and Coen Kaayk

Posted 27 October 2014

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