Jeffrey Sarmiento with Tethering, hot and flameworked glass, made during Petr Stanicky’s Masterclass at North Lands, 2014. Photo credit: Angus Mackay Photography 


-North Lands Creative Glass Appointment of Artistic Director

The Board of North Lands Creative Glass is delighted to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Sarmiento as Artistic Director from 1 October 2016. He will succeed Emma Woffenden on the completion of her inspiring three-year term of office, culminating in North Lands 20, the anniversary celebration of its first master class and conference in 1996.  

Posted 15 January 2016

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Dr Sarmiento is currently Reader in Glass at the University of Sunderland, where he was awarded a PhD in 2011. Educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, he has worked internationally as a Fulbright Fellow in Denmark, a Visiting Artist at UrbanGlass, and an instructor at Pilchuck Glass School. Known for his artwork exploring cultural identity and the graphic image in glass, he won the International Glass Prize 2012 at Glazenhuis, Belgium and his recent solo exhibition at National Glass Centre in Sunderland toured to Bullseye Projects, USA. His collaborative work was also included in Glasstress Gotika at the 56th Venice Biennale.   

Looking forward to the possibilities of adventure, learning, and collaboration in a unique landscape, Sarmiento’s vision for a three-year directorship incorporates the natural, cultural and historical qualities of the locale into a dynamic programme at North Lands Creative Glass.

Quote from Jeffrey Sarmiento:
“I think you could consider me a latecomer to the North Lands scene, having heard of it nearly a decade ago when I first moved to the UK. I had my first experience of the place just last year on a friendly visit to the artists Michael Endo and Emily Nachison. I was to return in few weeks as a student in Petr Stanicky’s class, the Genius Loci of Place. Through quite a few hikes through the surrounding area, some in glorious sunshine and others a trudge through soggy and bleak cliffs, I found the place both compelling and challenging, and in response I made one of my most viewed artworks, though it was installed only three days. Tethering was included in New Glass Review in 2015. If a couple of weeks on the edge of the world can do this for me I am sure it can be a place that inspires others. This job promises some new challenges for me and I am looking forward to seeing how I can bring together my international experience and connections, as well my ongoing post at National Glass Centre to build on the unique offer at North Lands. I am hoping all my glassmaking colleagues come to visit!”

North Lands Creative Glass
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Flitter, 2015
screenprinted and fused glass
34 x 56.5 x 0.5 in
Questioning perceptions, the work conflates an eyed hawk-moth with a common blue butterfly, creating a hybrid that oscillates as the viewer moves

Beautiful Flaws, 2013
Found glass from a disused Norwegian greenhouse, wood, steel, aluminum
640 x 350 x 280 cm
20 x 11 x 9 ft.
Inspired by Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, the shimmering effect of stones in found greenhouse glass is accentuated by printed concentric rings, the view through each window distorting the universe.

Slither, 2013
Screenprinted, cut and fused glass
51 x 35 x .5 in.
Inspired by lenticular imagery, the grossly enlarged image of a common garden snake appears and disappears as the viewer approaches the work, allowing it to ‘slither’ along the wall.  

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