Ivana Houserová


Glassartist and  glass designer
 * 25:6.1957 Jablonec n/N        -         + 5:6.2015  Drhleny
The mould-melted glass of Ivana Houserova stirs up feelings of the harmony and ever-present closeness of nature that stems directly from her positive outlook on life. She sensitively and modestly indulges her work with a symbolic depth based on the recognition that no day is an ordinary day. „Noodle“ decoration literally breathes life into her sculptures, gently modelling the relievo and lending plenty of shades to the colour, underlining the dynamism of movement in the structure of the glass.The work of Ivana Houserova can be seen as a natural spring with magic surrounded by a great healing power modestly hidden beside a forest path, a spring whose waters you can never get enough of.
(From book of Petr Novy and Dagmar Havlickova „Miraculous spring)

Posted 11 June 2015

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Glass artist Ivana Houserová studied first at the Glassmaking School in Zelezny Brod in the department of engraved glass (1972-76), then she continued studying at the Academy of Architecture, Art and Design in Prague in the studio of glass under the leadership of Stanislav Libensky (1976-1982). She gained more experience and inspiration for her work at the Summer Pilchuck Glass School in the USA (1988) and in Sans-Poteries in France (1995). In the years of 1985, 1988 and 2006 she participated in international glass symposiums in Nový Bor and in 1997 in the Dutch city of Leerdam.  In the school year of 1984 – 1985 she led the department of glass engravers at the Glassmaking School in Železný Brod. She returned to this school in 2008 to lead the department of glass cutting and kiln casting. A number of students whose education she supervised were successful with their glass objects in prestigious glass competitions, others continue with their education at universities.

Ivana Houserová was interested in glass design and glass sculptures since her studies at the Academy and in both disciplines she made outstanding achievements.  Of great importance was her collaboration with the glass factory MOSER in Karlovy Vary where she took practice already as a student, she realized there her semester works and designed the first five cutting drinking sets. In the mid-1990s she was invited to collaboration and designed ceremonial drinking sets Pharaon, Maat and Serapis (1995). In 2010 her drinking set Fata Morgana was launched onto the market and has been produced ever since. She also designed a ceremonial table drinking set for the office of the president named Prezident. Other very famous glass objects were designed for the building of the Czech National Council (1989), Ministry of Justice in Prague (1995) and the Union Bank in Liberec (1995).

An important milestone for her artistic work was her two-months stay in Sans-Poteries in France (1995) where she was modelling and realizing her first objects from lead glass with the “noodle” structure  on surface (Bowl of Happiness, Singing Moon). This technique became her distinctive feature and offered her never ending possibilities of self-expression. Sculptures by Ivana Houserová drew attention at many exhibitions in the Czech Republic and in international competitions too.  Her works were published in glass magazines and books, they can be found both in public and private collections. She received many prestigious award for her glass art work. 

Text: necrology by Zelezny Brod Glassmaking School 
Translation: Ilona Husáková and Petr Stacho

Ivana Houserová: Design for Factory Moser: Drinking set President

Ivana Houserová: Heaven Gate; Kiln casting

Ivana Houserová: Hall of mirrors; work after graduation academy in Prague

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