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After a month away in the USA and Australia, we are back in Berlin and the furnace is on! We have a bunch of new, exciting classes planned for this year, so have a look below and hope to see you soon!

Posted 9 March 2015

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Visiting Artist Master´s Series: Pate-de-Verre/Hot Painting 16-19 April 2015
We are really excited to welcome artist Anne Petters as part of our Visiting Artist Master Series, and to celebrate the new fusing kiln in the studio!
Come join us for a four day workshop that will give an introduction to a specific pate-de-verre technique, inspired by the process of intaglio printing. The class will teach basics in mold-making and working with glass powders and frit. Students will get an introduction to a specific frit making process in the hot shop and learn how to create a firing schedule for the pate-de-verre process. No experience necessary!
Beginner-level Glassblowing on Saturdays! 
Ever wanted to experience hot glass? This is the perfect class to kindle your curiosity about this extraordinary material. In 3 hours, you will have a first-hand experience in gathering, marvering, and working with colors; and by the time you finish, you will have made your own paper-weight and cup! No experience necessary and always on Saturdays. Check the website to find out when the next class is!
Mold-Making// Mold-Blowing 4-7 June
Our most popular class! During the 4-day workshop, you will learn to make plaster molds that you will then take to the hot-shop and blow glass into. No experience necessary and all materials included!
Neon workshops 18-21 June
This year is the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015, and Neon Workshops will join us at Berlin Glas e.V. in teaching workshops from 18 to 21 June! Come join us and have a unique opportunity to play with neon and light! Experience is not necessary. Check the website for more information on the sessions, or write to
Get Your Goblet On! 25-27 September
In this 4 day class we will have fun making goblets. Even if you are new to vessel making, this class will focus on working together to build a solid foundation for making these beautiful glasses. So bring a sketchbook and expect to have fun! Intermediate level: must have basic glassblowing experience
Cups and glasses: an in-depth introduction to glass blowing in the Fall
This class gives you an in-depth introduction into the art of blowing glass. We will focus on making cups, which is a great basis for learning the essential skills that give you proficiency and confidence in the hotshop. With the successful completion of the course you will be able to rent the hotshop yourself with the supervision of our studio manager, and the assistance of your fellow students. Write to to find out when our next in-depth class will start in the Fall!
Berlin Glas e.V. is proud to be a Collaborative Partner for the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015
Throughout the year, we will be planning workshops and activities, public demonstrations and exhibitions that will highlight the relationship between glass and light, so stay tuned for an exciting 2015!
30 March – 03 April 2015 Our youth programme – Kids Blow Glas – will be running the first of 4 workshops planned for this year, during which we will be looking at glass, colour and the role of light! Read more about it on the IYL2015 Blog!
19 – 21 June 2015 Berlin Glas e.V. is teaming up with Richard Wheater´s Neon Workshops, offering classes. Neon art is explained with mesmerising demonstrations of cutting, blowing, stretching, bending and fusing glass to flame, filling with gas and illuminating with electricity. Participants will get a chance to make their own works or have an idea realized by the instructors. Want to join a workshop? Visit the website or write to to sign-up!

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