We are a glass studio from Barcelona. We want to inform you that we have launched a crowd funding to help glass in Spain. In this crowd funding platform we have 30 days to get the budget: 

Posted 30 December 2014

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An open place for the recovery of glass tradition and experimentation
40plumas will bring together in one area most of the traditional glass techniques. The aim is to preserve the about the manufacturing of this material and develop them further, through experimentation and collaboration between disciplines.
Did you know that Spain was one of the main handicraft manufacturing country in the world? That was before the big chains of production replaced many artisans, to the point that they are now about to disappear. Today many artisans must earn their living working in other sectors and do not have places where to practice what they master. This industry is basically suffering for the fact that, artisanal production of glass must experiment its ideas before manufacturing on a large scale.
We want to be able to pass down our skills to creative people, businesses and schools so that those will research new glass-made products. Glass is considered the material of the future: it’s the most
environmentally friendly material and we found it everywhere in our daily life. We want to renovate 40plumas’ laboratory and transform it in a place for the preservation and transmission of the glassmaking knowledge. If this occurs, you will be able to learn about singular and alternative objects that respond to your needs and we will also be able to create new ones for you.
Can you help us?
Main features
The aim of the project is to adapt our lab facilities in order to obtain the required permits as well as finishing the blowing glass furnace. This will allow us to provide the equipment necessary to the participants and a safe working environment for the masters and technicians of the blowing glass technique. These are the ideal premises necessary to diversify the market offer through the production of beautiful, useful and last longing objects.
Why this is important
This project is born out of the passion for glass and the need of creating a network of people in order to offer high quality and affordable new objects. These objects are unique and they go against a process of standardization, responding to personalized and concrete needs; they’re also durable, recyclable and mirror the taste of each one of us.
For this project to take place, we must respond to the designer’s need for professional consultancies and his constant search for new opportunities to make small productions. Also, we must satisfy the need of the entrepreneur (who needs technical solutions and prototypes), the artist (who wants to experiment with the glass material difficult to reach), the master craftsman (who can keep working and improving his technique with the aim to create and transmit his knowledge) and finally, the students who will have the chance to discover this amazing material and its multiple applications.
We must provide a fully equipped laboratory that together with our competences and collaborations between professional artisans will keep alive this profession, which it has been sidelined, but it’s still of high interest.
Goals of the crowdfunding campaign
The money received will be used to improve the laboratory and acquire a furnace able to work hot glass. Also, we’re looking to build up a network as well as gatherings and other cooperation. This is to diversify our offer of glass objects and installations in the market.
We will begin by planning workshops and other activities related to glass creativity. We already have the support of colleges and businesses that are waiting to access this space and its projects; the latter are to be made by national and international artists.
This initiative will be monitored, shared and documented through open digital platforms with the purpose of informing and cataloguing the glass culture for the audience.
Team and experience

Bianca and Daniel obtained their qualification in the glass working academy of Vetroricerca, Italy. They refined their competences by working in different glass laboratories in Venice, Bohemia and England. At the moment, they combine the activities of their laboratory with didactical workshops in universities and colleges of art and design. During this time they have built a network of artists, artisans and others participants from different countries that share their motivation and supply new abilities to the laboratory.
Roger Prat Aldrich, Expert in Communication, writes on our blog advices on communication and applies freely creativity to the world of presentation, essential to present a project clearly.
Laura Calavia Safont, Scriptwriter, Director of “Dire” introduction video:
Pere Pueyo, Filmmaker. He followed us almost everywhere with his camera, and as a result, his videos are the memory of our laboratory’s daily activities.
Martin Azua, Designer and Lecturer in Elisova College. He is particularly interested in the incorporation of “natural processes” in our daily life. He uses artisanal resources to protect the cultural and technological diversity.
Xema Vidal, Designer and Lecturer in Massana University. His experience as Director of the Design department in Massana University has helped us to identify and understand the importance of education in the world of glass.
Manuel Vargas, Master Artisan, who faithfully support our project. He collaborates and teaches us the art of glass blowing through his amazing skills.
Pere Albert, Executive Director of Alglass. His family business is dedicated to the designing
and fabrication of perfume’s bottles. During three generations, this artisanal factory belonging
to his grandfather has been a partly authorized factory, and presently works for big
Gauzak, Design Studio. Their laboratory was born at the same time of 40plumas’ as well as their work in the glass projects. They gave us the exclusivity on the first lamp Tull production in order to offer it as a reward in Goteo.
Elisa Cesari, Illustrator. Italian artist specialized in illustration for children and students. The coffee cups offered as a reward in Goteo, are the result of a creative laboratory, in which we transformed her illustrations in objects.
Blanca Olivares Espinosa, Architect. Decides and supervise the operations needed to obtain the licenses for the new activities and installation of the laboratory.
C/ Coll i Vehí 51
E-08026 Barcelona
Estudio: +34 (0)93 514 28 12?
Daniel: +34 (0)66 330 48 87?
Bianca: +34 (0)66 639 05 92

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