"Posy" by Kathryn Wightman (New Zealand)
Emerge 2014  Gold Award  


A Showcase of Rising and Evolving Talents in Kiln-Glass
Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC) presents the first exhibition in the Hodge Gallery dedicated solely to kiln-glass. “Emerge/Evolve” features selected works from "Emerge 2014," Bullseye Glass Company’s eighth biennial kiln-glass exhibition for emerging artists, and work by three past Emerge finalists. The exhibition opens on Friday, November 7 with a free opening reception from 6 to 9pm and runs through January 18, 2015.

Posted 16 October 2014

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Exhibiting artists include:
Kathryn Wightman (New Zealand) Emerge 2014 Gold Award
Anna Mlasowsky (Germany) Emerge 2014 Silver Award 
Gina Zetts (United States) Emerge 2014 Bronze Award  
Kate Clements (United States) Emerge 2014 Academic Award 
Rei Chikaoka (Japan) Emerge 2014 Kilncasting Award  
Manuela Castro Martins (Portugal) Emerge 2014 Design Award
Marion Delarue (France) Emerge 2014 Jewelry Award 
James B. Thompson (United States) Emerge 2014 Newcomer Award 

“  “There has been a growing interest in kiln-glass. This exhibition displays the cutting edge of kiln-glass. It will be an eye opener for our community when they see the amazing artwork that has come out of the kiln,” said Pittsburgh Glass Center Executive Director Heather McElwee.

"The Apartment" by Gina Zetts (US) 
Emerge 2014 Bronze Award 

Past Emerge finalists included in the exhibition are:
Martie Negri
Nathan Sandberg
Amanda Simmons
Bullseye Glass Company, based in Portland, Oregon, is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture with worldwide distribution and a commitment to research, education and promoting glass art. Hosted at Bullseye Gallery in Portland, Emerge is a biennial exhibition that acknowledges the work of students and early-career artists working in kiln-glass. "Emerge 2014" attracted more than 320 entrants from a total of 32 countries and 35 universities. Jurors for this competition were Kathleen Moles, Emily Nachison and James Yood. After the exhibition closes in Pittsburgh, it will travel to Bellevue Arts Museum and be on display from February to June 2015.

Kiln-glass (or kilnformed glass) objects are made with compatible glasses in a variety of forms and colors that are heated in a kiln. Once assembled as desired and heated in a kiln, the glasses soften, fuse together and assume the shape of whatever surface they're resting upon or within, such as a flat kiln shelf, curved mold or casting mold.
The range of kiln-glass objects one can make involves a range of techniques. Most people start by making small, flat objects like coasters and tiles. From these simple forms, they move on to curved plates, platters and bowls. And some go further still, exploring more complex techniques and focusing on the fine arts and architectural potential of kiln-glass. 

"Release" by Rei Chikaoka (Japan) 
Emerge 2014 Kilncasting Award 

"Resonance" by Anna Mlasowsky (Germany) 
Emerge 2014 Silver Award 

Kiln-glass is an especially rich territory for artists because it encompasses an enormous range of working methods, from drawing and painting, to printmaking, to sculpture and more which is what will be on display in the "Emerge/Evolve" exhibition at Pittsburgh Glass Center.
Pittsburgh Glass Center has a state-of-the-art kiln studio with flexible space to accommodate all types of kiln-glass techniques. PGC offers a full range of kiln-glass classes for beginners and advanced artists as well as studio rental. In addition to numerous two-hour workshops, PGC is offering Fuze-a-palooza, a beginner one-day fusing workshop, on December 13, 14 and 20. Register online at

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