Karen Lise Krabbe, Denmark
1st Prize sponsored by Michael Stoschek 


The Exhibition

For this international competition, 550 artists who either live or were born in Europe submitted more than 1,100 new works. 150 artists were selected and the prize winners chosen by an international panel of judges made up of museum curators and artists. The award categories comprise three main prizes and eight special prizes, as well as a Visitors’ Choice Award for which visitors to the exhibition are able to vote.
The exhibition is held at two venues: at the Veste Coburg and in the European Museum of Modern Glass in Rödental

Posted 14 July 2014

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Modern Glass
In recent years, many new aspects have come to enrich artists’ way of viewing glass as an art medium. Besides painstakingly designed objects, realized with the utmost precision, works with a more conceptual approach are becoming increasingly important.
With mobility taken for granted, national borders and specifics are disappearing. Europe has become the home for many artists from the US and Asia.
New solutions for turning creative ideas into reality are opening up, made possible by new production and processing techniques, the universal use of adhesives and the utilisation of illuminating gases and LED technology.
Today, painters, sculptors, concept and media artists treat glass as a material on an equal par with metal, wood and ceramics.

Jury Award (€ 500)
Maria Bang Espersen, Denmark

The appeal of the works shown in the exhibition lies in their craftsmanship, conceptual significance and diversity. This goes both for the techniques used as well as for the materials of which the artworks are made. For example, numerous works used mixed media, where glass is combined with wood, stone, or even stuffed animals.
Today, art in glass is rarely an object for showcases.
The works stand on pedestals as sculptures, hang like paintings on the wall, stand directly on the floor, or appear to float in the air. Photography and film play an important role and these are used almost as a matter of course.

The Coburg Prize for Contemporary
Glass 1977, 1985 und 2006
In 1977 the first open modern glass competition in Europe was held at the Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg. The overwhelming response to its crowd-pulling exhibition turned Coburg into a centre for modern art in glass overnight.
After the successful 2nd Coburg Glass Prize in 1985, the Museum of Modern Glass was created in 1989 in the Orangery in the gardens of Schloss Rosenau near Coburg to house the greatly expanded exhibition – at that period, the first museum in Central Europe devoted exclusively to modern glass.
In 2006, the competition and exhibition created great international momentum and, with major funding from the Coburg entrepreneur Otto Waldrich, led to the construction of a new building to house the European Museum of Modern Glass in 2008.

2nd Prize (€ 10.000)
Jeff Zimmer, USA, lives in Great Britain

3rd Prize (€ 5.000)
Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Belgium

Alexander Tutsek-Award for Senior Artists, 45 years and older (€ 4.000)Colin Reid, Great Britain

Award of the Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung (€ 2.000)
Shige Fujishiro, Japan, lives in Germany

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Guided tours:
Public guided tours of the exhibition in the
Veste Coburg every Sunday at 11am.
No advance reservation is required.
Tours and special pedagogic events can be booked by phoning 09561/879-48.
Special events:
May 17, 2014, European Museum of Modern Glass,
7.30pm and 9.30pm
May 18, 2014, Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg,
2pm and 4pm
Glass Percussion Performance with Carrie Fertig
On the occasion of Regional Museum Night and International Museum Day, the Edinburgh-based American artist Carrie Fertig, who has entered a piece of work in the Coburg Glass Prize competition and has been a familiar name with the Coburg public ever since 2011 for her Raven installation in the 50 Years of British Studio Glass exhibition, will stage a lampworking performance during which she will produce musical instruments in glass on which, in parallel, musicians will perform.
19. July, Veste Coburg, 11am – 5pm
An ice/wax performance with Axel T Schmidt
Taking his inspiration from melting glaciers, Axel T Schmidt uses blocks of ice as a mould and fills the cavities that he has made in it with molten wax.The monoliths in ice are doomed to die – and watching them do so is a unique experience.Schmidt wrests the work from oblivion by photographing the process as it happens and subsequently immortalising it on glass.During the Glass Prize, two of his works produced by this method will be on show in the Special Exhibition Hall at the Veste Coburg.
September 14, 2014, 2pm
Your favourite object – announcement of the Visitors’ Choice Award
During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity of choosing their favourite object among all the works shown. The result will be announced on the final day of the exhibition.
A draw will be held of all the votes cast for the Visitors’ Choice Award to win a weekend for two in Coburg with one night in the Romantic Hotel Goldene Traube.
96450 Coburg
Tel. 09561/879-0
Telefax 09561/879-66

Dan Klein Memorial Award (€ 2.000)
Jeehae Kim, South Korea

Jury Award (€ 500)
László Lukácsi, Hungary

Jury Award (€ 500)
René Roubícek, Czech Republic

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