Carlo Moretti: Fasce riportate, 1987
Collezioni d’Autore series. Vase in Murano Crystal made by hand with transferred streaks; h 11.22” ø 11.42”


CARLO MORETTI launches new store/showroom
Via della Spiga 48, Milan
7-13/4, 2014
MONOLITE glass sculptures from Carlo and Giovanni Moretti's private collection
DUVETICA store, Via Santo Spirito 22 , Milan
During the 53rd International Milan Furniture Fair, Carlo Moretti, the renowned Venetian glass factory, will unveil a large, new, 130 square meter space in Via della Spiga 48, on Monday April 7. The two level space incorporate Carlo Moretti's flagship store and an exhibition showroom. There will also be an exhibition entitled Monolite on April 7, at the Duvetica store, designed by Tadao Ando, on Via Santo Spirito, 22. The show will feature a selection of glass sculptures, some of which have never been exhibited, from the Moretti brothers’ private collection. The show is curated by Giovanni Moretti and Ettore Mocchetti and is open to the public until April 13.

Posted 6 March 2014

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In the Via della Spiga space, there are three large windows in the internal courtyard which open onto the exhibition space. The space is furnished with wood and iron furnishings and is divided by suspended panels made of iron. The thick wooden floors and dark walls are lit by exposed lighting.  There is a unique dialogue between the transparent objects on display and the expressive materials used in gallery space. Stairs lead down to an exhibition showroom in which one area is dedicated to lighting contract operations.  The Via della Spiga venue, inspired by the Carlo Moretti Venetian store, designed by Paolo Martinuzzi in 1979 and revisited by Tapiro Architecture Studio, is not so much  a shop, but rather, a workshop dedicated to contemporary design.

Carlo Moretti, moments of glass processing 

A permanent exhibition showcases the entire Carlo Moretti collection, including the Collezioni d’autore, Calici da Collezione, Fondamentali, Rossomoretti, Contemporanei, Cristalli di Murano and the Complementari. There are over 500 objects documented  in the new catalogue published this year, and also available on the company’s website. Recent work is also included and features the unusually-shaped Singleflower and Troncosfera vases and the new 2014 Calici da Collezione, Bora and Diversi glass collections as well as the Decanter and Diverse lines. 
Historic products have been carefully selected, which are included in the collections of some of the most important international art museums dedicated to the decorative arts: The Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; The Victoria and Albert Museum, London; The Cooper-Hewitt Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning; The Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; the Musée du Verre, Charleroi, and, of course, The Venice Glass Museum.

Carlo Moretti: Eclisse, 2003 Collezioni d’Autore series. Hand-made vase with hot application of opaque or transparent streaks, h 12.99” ø 14.17”(three measures). Limited Edition 1/111


For the launch of the new shop in Milan, a new guise has been given to the renowned, limited edition Carlo Moretti triptych which is comprised of three Murano Crystal pieces. This triptych best represents the history and creativity of Carlo Moretti: the Ovale con piede vase (1977), the Cartoccio vase (1983), and the Asimmetrico vase (1985). Other objects on display representing Carlo Moretti's ‘unmistakeable, timeless style’ are versions of the Eclissi, Ellisse, Fasce riportate, Ogiva and Sfera, vases from the  Collezioni d’autore series. All vases are numbered and signed. 
The exhibition at the Duvetica store pays homage to Carlo Moretti the man, who died in 2008. It will highlight the research he carried out into the process of non-industrial glass-making which climaxed with the creation of the Monolite range and thus placed the brand in the context of collecting. The Monolite project was launched in 1996 to mark the company’s participation in the Aperto Vetro exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice, before being developed during the subsequent Aperto Vetro 1998 (Correr Museum, Venice). It was produced ‘behind closed doors’ using a secret, inimitable technique carried out by Carlo Moretti  and one of his most experienced glassmakers. The Monolite works are between 15 and 50 centimeters  high, and each is one of a kind, thanks to the different combination of technique, colour, and form. Every item produced by Carlo Moretti is hand signed, certifying its authenticity and uniqueness. 
The Fuorisalone 2014 exhibition in Milan is the starting point in the most recent chapter in Carlo Moretti's history. It aims to develop and consolidate the company’s presence in international markets, while respecting the brand’s identity. This is demonstrated by a recent partnership between Carlo Moretti and Poltrona Frau. The international Poltrona Frau’s flagship stores will feature a range of glassware from the Carlo Moretti collections. A selection of four different lamps, Alma, Dido, Fede and Holly, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and in production by Carlo Moretti since 2006, will also be featured in these stores.  They will be on display for the duration of the Milan Furniture Fair in Via della Spiga 48.
Subject: opening of the new Carlo Moretti flagship store and showroom
Location: Carlo Moretti, Via della Spiga 48, Milan, MM 3 Montenapoleone, Bus 61, 94, Tram 1
Press preview: April 7, 2014, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Launch: April 7, 2014, 6.30 pm -10.00 pm.  Invite only
Opening hours: 10.00 am - 8.00 pm
For further information: tel. +39 041 736588,,
Exhibition title: Monolite
Curated by: Giovanni Moretti and Ettore Mocchetti
Location: Duvetica store, via Santo Spirito 22, Milan, MM 3 Montenapoleone, Bus 61, 94, Tram 1
Dates: April 7-13, 2014
Opening hours: 10.00 am - 8.00 pm
Admission: free
For further information: tel. +39 02 76022967

Carlo Moretti: Monolite 50, 1996/ detail. Fusion of fifty monoblocks in Murano Crystal in different colors. B 8,86” x 17,5” x 3,94”; weight: 20 kg. Presented to Aperto Vetro ’96 (Venice)

Carlo Moretti: I Piccoli: Blumo, 2006 Collezioni d’Autore series. Vase in Murano Crystal, small in size, blown by mouth and hand-finished with different decorative motifs applied hot; h. 7.36” ø 6.89”. Limited Edition 1/333

Carlo Moretti: Singleflower, 2014Fondamentali series. Single-flower vase in six different versions, in Murano Crystal, blown by mouth and hand-finished with the hot application; h 6.99” ø 4.92”. Signed and dated

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