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Stanislav Libenský Award 2013
Call for artists: deadline entry 28/6

Posted 11 May 2013

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Press release, 14.5.2013

Award for young artist from all around the world - Stanislav Libenský Award 2013

In 2013 will Prague Gallery of Czech Glass announce for the fifth time the Stanislav Libenský Award. The competition is open to young artists, graduate Bachelors or Masters, from all over the world who used glass in their final thesis.
Initiator and the main organiser of the competition is Prague Gallery of Czech Glass. Co-organisers are Prague Castle Administration and Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

Jury is composed of distinguished experts in glass scene such as director of the European Museum of Modern Glass in Coburg in Germany Sven Hauske, owner of the Heller Gallery in New York Douglas Heller, head of glass, ceramics and porcelain collections in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague Milan Hlaveš, Czech glass-maker and pedagogue active mainly in the U.S. Martin Janecký, Emeritus Professor of the University of Sunderland in the UK Sylva Petrová, Dutch journalist specialized in glass Angela van der Burght.

The first prize is three-week summer residency in Pilchuck Glass School in the U.S. with course of own choice in 2014. The winner has thanks to it the unique possibility to work in the international environment, to meet foreign colleagues and gather valuable experience for their future practice.
First three awarded objects will have the possibility to be auctioned at a glass auction organized by the auction house Dorotheum in the autumn of this year. Glass company Moser will award special prize for excellent design and quality craft work.

In the second half of July 2013 will the international jury select from all entries candidates whose work will be than exhibited at the Royal Summer Palace at the Prague Castle from 20.9 – 1.12. 2013. The final assessment will be based on actual works and will take place on 19.9.2013. On the same day the winner will be officially announced at the gala evening at the Ball Game Room at the Prague Castle.

"We need to encourage young artists, especially in the field of glass, which has a strong tradition in the Czech lands," says Kate?ina ?apková, director of the Prague Gallery of Czech Glass. "By initiating Stanislav Libenský Award we do not only honour the memory of the excellent Czech glassmaker, but we also want to motivate young artists in their further work in the field of glass."

Application form, photos of the artwork, CV and annotation of the artwork must be sent not later than 28 June 2013 to Prague Gallery of Czech Glass.

International glass exhibition Stanislav Libenský Award 2013 will be in the Royal Summer Palace at the Prague Castle from 20.9.-1.12.2013.

More information about the price and the exhibition itself, as well as competition conditions and application form can be found on or

Stanislav Libenský Award 2012

Again, Prague was the heart of the glass production, the place where glass artists from around the world begin their artistic career. The Pražská Galerie Stát Skla (Prague Gallery of Czech glass) organized an inspiring encounter with different views on the glass making with new trends and techniques, an opportunity to a necessary dialogue, not only with established artists but also with graduates from other schools and from other countries. The Gallery also launched the Stanislav Libenský Award competition 2012.
That year, 48 students from around the world competed to this prestigious international award for students at art schools. The work of the participants in this competition was linked to the Libenský/Brychtová-exhibition ' Cherchez la femme ' in the Prague Castle. During a gala evening in the presence of representatives of the Czech cultural and political scene, Stanislav Libenský Award 2012 announced the winners:
The first prize was won by Natsuho Enomoto from Japan, for the work Portrait or Capacity 68 000 cm3. The jury appreciated the sculptural qualities of a sculptural object that stands out for the tension between the massive of the shape and fine details. It shows an imaginary portrait of a loved one in an organic way: from dust thou are and unto dust thou shalt return.
The second prize was won by the Czech Zuzana Kubelková for Deformation process and
the third prize was won by the Slovak Andrei Jancovic for a collection of objects from the Geometria-cycle – for a multi-level collection objects that work in different ways with primary colors, geometric shapes and their configurations.

A special prize from the company Rückl was awarded to the University Ta'ána Bartošová from th university of Jan Evangelista Purkyne in Ústí nad Labem for a set of table glass. The design award of the company LASVIT was awarded to Peter Duriš of the Academy of fine arts in Bratislava for the work with the title Colorstruction.
Organisation: Pražská Galerie Ceského Skla, Prague, Czech Republic; +420-272101121;;

For Fjoezzz 4/2012 ©Angela van der Burght

Stanislav Libenský

1st Prize Stanislav Libenský Award competition 2012: Natsuho Enomoto (1985, Japan): Portrait of capacity 68.000 cm3; Kilnforming technique, 58 x 58 x 65 cm
[foto] Stanislav Libensky Award

Appilcation Form Libensky Prize 2013
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Terms & Condition
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