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Posted 1 November 2013

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The Business of Design Week, Hong Kong, 2013
Belgian Spirit is an initiative of the 3 Belgian Regions of Brussels, Flanders & Wallonia, set up in 2011. Belgian Spirit promotes Belgian architecture, design and fashion in Asia through Business of Design Week (BoDW) in Hong Kong and other events.

Business of Design Week (BoDW) is an annual flagship event organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, a non-profit making organisation on a public mission to establish Hong Kong as an international design hub in Asia. Since its debut in 2002, BoDW aims to inspire professionals and individuals about the power of design in bringing about economic prosperity and enhancing social well-being.
The week-long BoDW programme features the BoDW Forum (an authoritative pointer for global design trends), around 12 concurrent events (covering brands, design, technology, culture and the city, design management and education, business of intellectual property etc.), exhibitions and the Detour community programme.
Thanks to the strong support of the Hong Kong SAR Government, partner economies, international design and business communities, BoDW today enjoys the reputation as Asia’s leading annual event on design, innovation and brands.
As partner country of BoDW 2013, Belgian Spirit will organize a series of events and activities in December 2013.
Belgian Spirit is an initiative of the three Belgian Regions of Brussels, Flanders & Wallonia. It was set up in 2011. Belgian Spirit promotes Belgian architecture, design and fashion in Asia through Business of Design Week (BoDW) in Hong Kong and other events. The goal is to create and develop long?term collaborations between Belgian designers and their Asian counterparts and clients.

One of the participants: Charles KAISIN
London - Master of Art Industrial Design RCA Royal College of Art, 1999 - 2001 | Ron Arad’s workshop |
Japan - International Exchange Programme: material research Kyoto University of Art, 2000 Brussels - Graduate in Architecture with urban design option Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc, 1996 Diplôme d’Humanités Institut Saint-Joseph à Florennes, 1991
Musical Experiences:
Organ and - Musical training degree, 1990 Piano Dinant Academy Work Experience: Belgium - Designer for Hermès, since 2010 - Art Director, Val Saint Lambert 2010 - Lecture, Design Hong Kong Institute, 2011 - Design Teacher, SAINT-LUC Architecture Institute, since 2005 - Designer, Delvaux (manufacturer of leather goods), 2000 | material research | création of new bags | Wuppertal - Internship in the sculpture workshop of Tony Cragg, 1997 Dusseldorf | Creations in different kinds of materials i.e. glassfiber, carbon, kevlar | Paris - Internship in the architecture workshop of Jean Nouvel, 1997 | Publicity museum, le Louvre | Housing complex in Sidney | - Project manager, Herman Miller, 1997 | Furniture selection for the European Parliament in Strasbourg |

Architectural Biennale Gives Fresh Purpose To Industrial Heritage In Southern China


Southern China, a region which has emerged through industrialization is now moving forwards, away from its industrial past. In this process the whole urban dynamics are changing and the area is searching for a form of renewal. UABB 2013, the Shenzhen biennale will turn the zone into an international playfield for architects and thinkers on urbanism, from December 6th 2013 to February 28th 2014.

The biennale explores urbanism dynamics of the Pearl River Delta and beyond through architectural, socio-cultural and artistic visions. In this end, two complementary curatorial statements will be proposed. The first angle will involve examining questions of geography, borders and urban life, through an exhibition and national and regional pavilions from around the world. Ole Bouman and his team will be offering another view point through the theme “Biennale as risk”: giving a new purpose to industrial heritage. Creative stakeholders such as Droog Design, MoMA New York, The Netherlands Berlage Institute, and the 2014 Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition will present novel approaches on the themes urbanization and borders.

The exhibition will be held in two key venues: an old warehouse at Shekou Ferry Terminal, and a former Float Glass Factory. Both of the sites are being renovated and reinvented not only as showcases for the exhibition, but also as a stepping stone and source of inspiration for the development of the zone. The biennale will also act as a platform for the exchange of ideas on architecture and urbanism; synergizing Western and Chinese visions.

About UABB (2013)
It is the 5th edition of the Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (UABB): the only biennial exhibition in the world to be based exclusively on the themes of urbanism and urbanization and is co-organized by Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong's iconic skyline & Victoria Harbour

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