Photo impression Glow 2013
Yoav Chomsky, Zinorot, Jerusalem, 2012

GLOW 2013

Eindhoven playground of light artists
GLOW 2013 ‘Urban Playground’

'Urban Playground' is the theme of the eighth edition of GLOW-Light in Art and Architecture, from 9 till November 16th 2013 in the city of Eindhoven.
During GLOWEindhoven will be the playground of different light artists. By playing with light they’ll show that reality can be experienced in a totally different way. Last year 450,000 people from across the country and beyond visited the festival.
The theme 'Urban Playground' is well chosen. In Eindhoven both creative innovators, smart scientists and ambitious sports men and women get plenty of space to explore new horizons. Here the TU/e, the High Tech Campus and the Design Academy are located and the city is also the home of football club PSV. This year the Philips Sports Club celebrates its 100th anniversary and certainly with the theme 'Urban Playground' that is a great excuse to take the art route through the football stadium. But also buildings, streets, warehouses, squares and alleyways in the public space are part of the four kilometers long route. Made out of stone, cement, asphalt and concrete these are the building blocks of the city. Just as dancers or musicians the artists of GLOW play with concepts such as shape, size, scale, color, movement, rhythm and sound. Using various light applications, they open new perspectives on the environment of the city.

Posted 13 October 2013

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Wonderful expedition
Playing is written in our genes, we do it from childhood. Drawing on the sidewalk, playing marbles on the square or hide and seek in the neighborhood: playfully we discover new possibilities and learn to know our surroundings. By experimenting freely engineers, designers, scientists and artists achieve innovative concepts, techniques and knowledge. Mindlessly messing around can lead to the most beautiful discoveries.
Artists are working on the research and development of our society. The artworks and installations carry us along on a wonderful expedition and place the world in a new light. The works shift our attention, surprise and challenge. During GLOW we let our imagination do the talking and look with curiousity around us, to others and to ourselves. We are pawns in a big game. The city is the game board. The artist takes the dice.

In addition to the art route through the city a collection of innovative and experimental light art will be presented under the name GLOW NEXT at Strijp-S near the city center. Strijp-S, site of the old physics laboratory of Philips, iscurrently undergoing a transformation and grows into the creative heart of Eindhoven. This place provides an excellent playground for GLOW NEXT, where scientists, artists and industrialists inspire, interact and benefit from mutual expertise and experience in lighting technology and light and art. Thus GLOW NEXT can evolve into a leading and pioneering international lighting lab.

Visit GLOW
GLOW and GLOWNEXT, 9th until 16th November 2013, every evening from 18:30hr. Admission is free. In addition, you can also experience GLOW under the guidance of a tourist guide. The guide gives detailed information aboutthe projects and artists. And also shares interesting facts about Eindhoven and the locations inthe route.

Participating artists: Diana Ramaekers, Jenni Kääriäinen, Martin Hesselmeier & Andreas Muxel, Patrice Warrener, Luminauten, Jolanda Tielens, Ivo Schoofs, Starsky, Antonin Fourneau, Gisela Motta & Leandro Lima, Noralie, Luzinterruptus, Porté par le Vent, Yoav Chomsky, Tim Schmelzer, Cozten, 1024 Architecture, Ralph Brodruck, Davide Carioni & Lorenzo Pompei, Caitlind R.C. Brown & Wayne Garrett.

More information and opening hours:

Diana Ramaekers: Urban Paradise -The Day After
Interactive installation
Photo: Luca van Leeuwen

Jenni Kääriäinen: Sodium Sun
recycled Finish sodium motor way lights
Photo: Luca van Leeuwen

Glow for Kids: Fladderaar van licht
Garden Dommelhoef
2000 Primary school kids
Photo: Luca van Leeuwen

Patrice Warrener: Chromolithe
Villa de laak, Dommelhoef
Changing light projection
Photo: Luca van Leeuwen

Jolanda Tielens: Effe-naar de Poppenkast
Projections and shadow play
Photo: Luca van Leeuwen

Luminauten: Water Lily Nation
Canal Dommelstraat
Interactive by photo camera flash light
Photo: Luca van Leeuwen

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