Rendering Wildwood Trail/West Burnside Pedestrian Bridge
Portland Oregon
©Ed Carpenter


Angela van der Burght

Ed Carpenter
Born: Los Angeles, California. 1946
Education: University of California, Santa Barbara 1965-6, Berkeley 1968-71
Ed Carpenter is an artist specializing in large-scale public installations ranging from architectural sculpture to infrastructure design. Since 1973 he has completed scores of projects for public, corporate, and ecclesiastical clients. Working internationally from his studio in Portland, Oregon, USA, Carpenter collaborates with a variety of expert consultants, sub-contractors, and studio assistants. He personally oversees every step of each commission, and installs them himself with a crew of long-time helpers, except in the case of the largest objects, such as bridges.
While an interest in light has been fundamental to virtually all of Carpenter’s work, he also embraces commissions that require new approaches and skills. This openness has led to increasing variety in his commissions and a wide range of sites and materials. Recent projects include interior and exterior sculptures, bridges, towers, and gateways. His use of glass in new configurations, programmed artificial lighting, and unusual tension structures have broken new ground in architectural art. He is known as an eager and open-minded collaborator as well as technical innovator.
Carpenter is grandson of a painter/sculptor, and step-son of an architect, in whose office he worked summers as a teenager. He studied architectural glass art under artists in England and Germany during the early 1970’s. Information on his projects and a video about his methods can be found at:

1812 NW 24th Avenue Portland
Oregon 97210
+1 (503) 224-6729

Posted 2 October 2013

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DESIGN Wildwood Trail/West Burnside Pedestrian Bridge
Portland Oregon

Portland's Wildwood Trail winds 30 miles through the forests of Forest Park, Washington Park, and Hoyt Arboretum, rarely crossing roads. The busiest road crossing is at West Burnside, a major city arterial, where runners and walkers must negotiate three lanes of heavy traffic with short sight lines. At the request of a local citizens group, Ed Carpenter developed the bridge design represented here, with consultation from KPFF Engineers. This project is currently the subject of funding efforts by various organizations. Carpenter is a daily Wildwood Trail runner and 40-year survivor of the crossing at West Burnside.

Carpenter's design evokes imagery of the sword ferns lining the entire length of the Wildwood Trail. In addition it strives to honor the following design objectives:

• Seamless experience for walkers/runners
• Fit into forest context
• Minimally intrusive
• Transparent/delicate
• Iconic/original
• Reasonable cost
• Off-site fabrication & quick erection
• Easy to maintain

Design: Ed Carpenter 2012
Engineering: KPFF Consulting Engineers, Portland OR
Dimensions: 180' x 12' x 8'
Materials: Welded, painted steel structure, galvanized steel deck grating .
Renderings: Curtis Pittman
Project Administration: Arleen Daugherty

See two videos on the project:

Wildwood Trail/West Burnside Pedestrian Bridge
Portland Oregon
©Ed Carpenter

Wildwood Trail/West Burnside Pedestrian Bridge
Portland Oregon
©Ed Carpenter

Wildwood Trail/West Burnside Pedestrian Bridge
Portland Oregon
©Ed Carpenter

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