Carrie Iverson: Resonance, kilnformed and engraved glass; 10.25" x 20.75" x 2" installed, 2011


2014 program

Creative Glass in Lybster, a small fishing village on the North East Coast of Scotland.
North Lands is a place for glass artists but also painters, sculptors, architects and designers wishing to explore the technical and artistic potential of glass either on its own or in combination with other materials.
Through its programme of master classes, annual conference, residencies and workshops, North Lands aims to encourage a lively exchange of ideas whilst also allowing time for reflection and action in a professional environment. North Lands was established in the nineties out of a need to create a centre of excellence in an inspiring environment to stimulate the growing interest in the possibilities of glass as an art form.

Posted 30 September 2013

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KILN FORMED GLASS VESSELS 28 – 30 March 2014. Cost: £300 (includes course fees, materials and light lunch) Amanda Simmons will lead a three day introduction to kiln formed glass vessels using the variables that affect slumping with gravity.

Call out for KILNFORMING & KILN CASTING RESIDENCY: 2 April to 28 May 2014
Applications must be received by North Lands Creative Glass by 14 November 2013 North Lands Creative Glass is offering an eight week residency for four talented artists working in kilnforming and kiln casting glass.

Cost: £850 (includes course fees, materials and evening meals)
“There is rarely one visual experience of an image but rather a series of encounters that shift depending on how and from where the image is viewed…”
Carrie Iverson and Jeremy Scidmore will use the techniques of printing and kiln formed glass to investigate these shifting perspectives creating images that do not describe a single viewpoint but are multi-layered descriptions of an object or idea.
Using a scientific model of research and focused experimentation, students will learn strategies to develop new work. We will move through a series of exercises to collect, cull, produce, edit and then?refine material. Processes include drawing, photography, printmaking on glass, and open-faced kiln casting of textures and found objects.
Field trips around Lybster will provide inspiration while new assignments, exercises and discussions each day will build on and refine previous skills. In addition to learning printmaking for glass and glass kiln casting, students will develop research practices and strategies for refinement that can be applied to any art form.
This class is appropriate for all levels.
For application details and to book a place email Grace at or call 01593 721 229

About the Artists: Carrie Iverson received her BA from Yale University and her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Glasmuseum Hentrich in Düsseldorf, Germany, Art Sante Fe, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago, and the Chicago Cultural Center. Her work is in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art (NY), and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago). She has taught at Bullseye Glass Company (Oregon and California), GlassForum (Norway), Creative Glass (Switzerland and UK), as well as private studios throughout the US.
Jeremy Scidmore earned a BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and later returned to SAIC in order to study Arts Administration and Policy. While in Chicago, he owned and managed a public glass-arts resource center, collaborated with youth arts educators, completed private and public sculptural and architectural art commissions, and taught glassblowing and kilnforming. Scidmore joined Bullseye Glass Company in 2011 and is now the Studio Coordinator and Instructor for Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area.

Glass Skills Classes
For students and emerging artists who want to develop their skills in a particular area or technique. They are designed as intensive confidence-building and development experiences with a high level of input and support from established artists and experienced tutors.

28 – 30 March 2014
Cost: £300 (includes course fees, materials and light lunch)
Amanda Simmons will lead a three day introduction to kiln formed glass vessels using the variables that affect slumping with gravity to create ‘drop-out’ vessel forms. Amanda’s focus is very much on colour and depth of design using cameo engraving, and how different colours can be achieved by blending transparent and opaque Bullseye Glasses. There will be presentations throughout the course of the development of Amanda’s work using this technique, challenging the use of colour and cameo engraved work. Amanda will give guideline firing schedules for all projects on the course and suggest starting points for larger projects. Some previous kiln formed glass experience is required.

Master Classes
For professional, experienced practicing artists who want to work with some of the finest glass ‘Masters’ and notable artists who work in other media to explore new developments and possible new directions for their own work. Previous Masters have included Deborah Cocks, Eeva Kasper, Richard Slee, Paul Marioni, Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend, Angela Jarman, Michael Rogers, Cappy Thompson, Tessa Clegg, Steve Klein.

Beginner Classes
For people with an interest in creative glass techniques and little or no experience. They are designed as entry level workshops and focus on learning basic skills as a foundation for future activity.

North Lands Creative Glass
Quatre Bras, Lybster
Caithness, KW3 6BN
+49 (0)1593-721229

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