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FAHR 021.3 Glassberg entranceway for Figueira da Foz Festival

Posted 5 September 2013

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The idea comes at the same time as the invitation to attend into a festival of music, art, sport and gastronomy - Fusing Culture Experience in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, from 1 to 4/8/2013. Once the theme is this fusion of different areas, the idea was to expose local assets in the form of installation and looking through the key industries of the city we find the element of unity, the glass bottle, standing in Figueira da Foz one of the most distinguished factory in the national and international scene.

The development of the piece part from a transformation of the traditional concept of a portico, as a crossing moment that marks the limbo between interior and exterior. The installation is based on a “romance” of two towers that dialogue in a short distance and whose proportions sink the visitor along 10 meters before meeting within the festival site. As two bergs drifting that stood out from a single block, it reveals the grandeur of the piece that serves as a milestone and attractive object in the city and just before the climax of the festival.

Its materiality is extremely important in this relationship with the surrounding urban space. Reflections are multiplied in big screens where the pixel is the bottle and the reflection is a distorted surrounding. A thousands of small movements are generated by the reflex of each person and it dissolves in the sky through the spire shapes from each bottle and multiple organic patterns intersecting one and another as the levels increase. The repetition of the form with the appointment demarcated by horizontal honeycomb card also emphasizes the colonnades and friezes that marked the great classical monuments with extremely important porch.

The glassberg, is also a sensory experience for the viewer, generated by an antithesis between the massiveness of each wall represented by its volume and weight, contrasted by the subtlety and apparent fragility of the glass bottle.

By its presence in public space to the more detailed reflection of this portico is a break with the conventional access to common festival spaces, bringing creativity and the theme of the festival to the entrance.
Materials: 50.000 glass bottle
1.332 m2 honeycomb cardboard
Sponsors: Verallia, Gopaca, Rebelo – Artes Gráficas Intelilar
Team: Filipa Frois Almeida, Hugo Reis, António Ribeiro, Joana Sottomayor Negrão
Event: Fusing Culture Experience

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Exploring new concepts of ephemeral architecture, installation and urban art FAHR 021.3 sustains his work in the formation of architecture, photography and digital process. After working in international offices as lwarchitects or J. Mayer H. in Berlin, Filipa Frois Almeida and Hugo Reis returned to Portugal to start the project FAHR. Its experimental, innovative and daring language, seek to breach reality. Using new applied architectural concepts, the team bases its interventions in the exploration of the different senses of the observer. Team: Filipa Frois Almeida, arch. and photographer (co-founder)Hugo Reis, M. arch. (co-founder).

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