Posted 16 July 2013

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Craftsmen of the future
is an ongoing discussion on Crafts and education on the H-Net Work of stained glass send in by Barbara Krueger moderator on this platform. An interesting text Measure Twice, Cut Once: Applying the Ethos of the Craftsman to Our Everyday Lives is to be found on:

H-Stained-Glass is a moderated Internet discussion forum whose purpose is to provide a world-wide exchange of information for individuals engaged in historic research, documentation, creation, restoration and preservation of architectural stained glass. The list provides a forum for reporting research findings on the history of stained glass artists and studios, styles, techniques and iconography; discussing the relationship of architectural stained glass to cultural traditions; raising issues related to repair, restoration and preservation; reviewing books and articles; and sharing of information about exhibitions, conferences, seminars, calls for papers, academic programs, training workshops, and grant and employment opportunities.

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