Royal Station Kazichene Sofia


Temporary Protected Space


Posted 4 July 2013

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Royal Station Kazichene
Temporary Protected Space

One day action June 23, 2013
glass and sound installation
Jan Doms © & Olga Doreva
LEF stadsdynamica Tilburg [NL]

The Royal Station Kazichene Sofia was a beautiful building in its best days and surely very meaningful for the connection of Bulgaria with other European countries represented by Royal Families or Prime Ministers and Presidents.

To give the abandoned historical building a temporary protected status as part of the Water Tower Art Fest 2013 Jan Doms and Olga Doreva ‘closed’ the windows and the door of the main entrance with a flexibel construction of glass. The result was a temporary recovery of the facade of the monument and a renewed relationship to the surrounding landscape and the railway tracks by its reflections.

According to this glass installation Jan Doms created also a soundpiece which brought history and possible future of the royal station alive during the presentation ‘one day action’ June 23 2013.

Sound collage ‘Royal Station Sofia Kazichene’
Script: Jan Doms LEF © 2013 | Editing: Paul Bogaert

Sound archive and collection: Paul Bogaert
Steam trains The Duke Dogs | Entrada Inauguration Willem Alexander and Maxima The Netherlands | Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir - Unmarried old man | Paul van Kemenade Quintet - Ja, Ja, Ja, (part one) | Chirping | Howling | Raining | Coaches | Two Horses Trotting | Inge’s alarmclocks.

Water Tower Art Fest Sofia 2013
Special thanks to: Nia Pushkarova and WTAF team | Lavele Hostel - Mario Milanov | Radomir Dankov | Ana Tsalovska | Aspa Petrov | Anton Vladimirov, Mayor of Kazichene | The Chief of the Railway Station | Bulgarian Railway Infrastructure | Bulgarian Railway Company and Security | Christian-Neiko and Daks-96 Glass Companies | Baj Georgie | Restaurant Nevrocop and inhabitants and visitors of Kazichene

Royal Station Kazichene Sofia

Royal Station Kazichene Sofia

Royal Station Kazichene Sofia

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