Thrilling ideas, mind-blowing experiments and extraordinary collaborations – there is more, much more to Dutch design than meets the eye. Which is exactly what you’ll experience during Dutch Design Week 2013.

The twelfth edition of this major event offers today’s trends and unique insights into the future of design, hosting a dazzling amount of boundless creativity and bold ingenuity from hundreds of renowned and talented designers.

Dutch Design Week
19 – 27 October 2013
Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Posted 3 July 2013

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Dutch Design Week (DDW)
Now future

No future? No way! During Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven you can see with your own eyes how the world of tomorrow is already in the making today. Smart solutions and inventive design offer new promising perspectives.

From October 19, the doors are open to the future in a city that for nine full days is buzzing with innovation and creative energy. Get inspired by the latest work of more than 2,000 designers, meet the designers and experience the beauty and power of Dutch design from close-by.??3 design area’s | 78 locations | 2000 designers | 300+ events | exhibitions | workshops | seminars | food | parties
Dutch Design Week Now Future 19 – 27 October 2013
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Design Perron, Meike van Schijndel
Workshop of Wonders presenteert ’The Big Bubble’ van Alex de Witte

Château de la Resle @ Kazerne, CDLR Design
Ontbijtruimte van het kasteel met het buffet door de Intuïtiefabriek; de inspiratie voor hun servies Rousseau

Pepe Heykoop/Lex Pott /David Derksen/Paul Heijnen, Pepe Heykoop/Lex Pott /David Derksen/Paul Heijnen
Dewar Light

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