The largest ever retrospective of Andries Copier’s work at the National Glass Museum.

Posted 1 July 2013

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Editors: Laurens Geurtz, Job Meihuizen, Joan Temminck,
Design: Beukers Scholma, Illustrated (colour), Hardback, 512 pages, 24 x 30 cm; English edition, ISBN 978-90-5662-833-8, € 69.00; Dutch edition, ISBN 978-90-5662-832-1, Published 2011-2012
The largest ever retrospective of Andries Copier’s work at the National Glass Museum.
With the support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund, VSB Fund and SNS REAAL Fund.
In association with the Dutch National Glass Museum, NAi Publishers presents the complete oeuvre of the master of glass Andries Copier: Complete Copier. This substantial publication catalogues almost 2,000 works, all the works produced in series, and boasts more than 1,200 illustrations in colour. It marks the culmination of the Copier Research Project.

Andries Copier (1901-1991) is the greatest glass artist the Netherlands has ever known. During the extended period that he was associated with the Leerdam glassworks, he put the ‘Leerdam’ name on the international map. His Gilde service belongs to the canon of Dutch design. His one-off art pieces are world-famous and his ability to produce original and attractive designs for an affordable price has fundamentally influenced the development of industrial design in glass.
This publication prompted seminal research into the complete design archive and sales catalogues of the Leerdam glassworks. By collating information from a variety of sources this volume presents the most complete overview of the multifaceted oeuvre of this prolific master of glass. Various experts elucidate the technical aspects of Copier’s work, but also discuss the master’s sources of inspiration and his work’s significance in the development of glass art.

Further to the press release, we can add that this truly magnificent, monumental book is a pleasant read and provides a lot of information about the history of the glass city Leerdam, the glass factory Royal Leerdam and the Copier family, Copier’s responsibilities in the factory, his work, flat glass, glass mosaics and works in other disciplines and his free work as an autonomous artist. Herewith all facets of this artist are well categorized. The book is illustrated with beautiful photos, designs and leaflets and it ends with the footnotes, exhibition list, awards and tributes, reading list, registry and brands list.
Compliments to Joan Temminck for doing such a great job!
A book about nearly a century of glass that everyone should read because it is the ultimate book about Andries Copier. A great reference book for the glass collector, the glass lover and the glass nut!

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