Catalog dimensions: 230x295 mm
Number of pages: 136
Photographs / Jaroslav Kvíz, Gabriel Urbánek
Font type / Clara Sans
Printed by / Geoprint, s. r. o. Liberec, Czech Republic
Publisher / Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris
Year / 2018
ISBN 978-2-909632-72-8
EAN 9782909632728
Price 20 euros.
Clara Scremini Gallery
99 Rue Quincampoix
75003 PARIS
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Martin Hlubucek, Sylva Petrova, Clara Scremini, Elisabeth VĂ©drenne

Dear Clara Scremini, Dear Martin Hlubucek,
Clara, you taught me that satisfaction is born of discovering, not explaining, which is in fact a constraining and limited act: not everything can be explained. Discovery, however, is completely different; it is about accumulating sensations to try and reach universality.
You have also helped me understand implicitly that museums separate a work of art from its dynamic and magical cultural role by presenting it in a stationery form. Depriving the object of art of its almost religious meaning would in itself warrant the monastic lifestyle of the devoted collector, determined to challenge the work of art and endeavour to get to the core of its secrets.
Martin, you have broken away from ostentatious glass. Such a groundbreaking artist! You have sculpted glass as one would bronze, and created the shape that conveys a message.
It makes me think of "Diocletian" (p29), constantly prompting to reflect before this smooth glass tomb diffusing a mineral, gyring, whirling, troubling, unsettling light, the image of the oppressive outdoors condensed.
In contrast, and this makes you so wonderfully unique, "Oculus" (p60), with its carved, cut-out shapes, creates a perpetual turmoil of movement, subtle light effects; an invitation to fantasy. An evocation of the cosmos.
Introvert shapes, extrovert shapes, the very essence of sculpture.
Thank you, Martin, for having taught me to caress them with my gaze.
Paris, 2018
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Posted 14 December 2018

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