Rise cooperation between Benjamin Hubert of LAYER and tech brand nolii

LAYER x nolii
Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has designed a wireless lamp for London-based tech brand nolii. Called Rise, the lamp is the first product in the brand’s first collection of wireless tech products, which will launch next year. It has integrated charging capability for up to two devices and can also be used as a “digital sunrise” alarm clock. Hubert co-founded nolii with tech entrepreneur Asad Hamir, and acts as the brand’s Creative Director.
Rise was launched this September at designjunction as part of London Design Festival 2018. nolii also launched its retail-ready inaugural collection of tech products – Collection 001 – which was soft-launched at London Design Festival 2017 and also designed by LAYER.

Posted 12 October 2018

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Rise is a small wireless LED lamp that can be moved to wherever light is needed – from the bedroom, bathroom or office to the garden. Powered by a battery in the base, which offers up to 12 hours of light, Rise also has the ability to charge one device wirelessly on the integrated induction charging pad that sits at the top of the lamp, or up to two devices with USB-C and USB-A cable connected to the base.
The Rise app for tablets and smartphones has an intuitive UX that allows users to remotely dim the lamp, or to programme a “digital sunrise” in which the lamp acts as an alarm by slowly illuminating a room. With these features, Rise becomes a functional hub within the home or office that can easily alter the atmosphere or mood of any given environment.
Rise is made of mouth blown, lightly frosted glass, with speckled, matte plastic details, and the design language is minimal and unobtrusive. It is lightweight and waterproof, making it suitable for use anywhere in the home including the bathroom or garden. A touch button on the base is used to turn the lamp on and off, and to adjust the brightness of the lamp. LED indicators on the lamp’s base show the battery level when the lamp is disconnected from mains power.
Rise is available in three colourways – Cement with Indigo details, Moss with Mint Green details, and Oyster with Peach details.
The Journey
In the 12 months since the nolii brand launched at Somerset House as part of London Design Festival 2017, the LAYER design team has taken the five products that make up Collection 001 from prototype to production-ready. The team has overseen the creation of hundreds of functional prototypes and product samples, designed the brand’s packaging, and built a new website. LAYER is also behind the brand’s art direction, and has creatively led and executed all product shoots, lifestyle shoots, and branding.
The five products from Collection 001 – Couple, Set, Keep, Stack, and Bundle – are now retail-ready and went on sale at London Design Festival, both at the designjunction stand and through the nolii online store and other retail partners.
LAYER is currently working on Collection 002, the second collection to be launched by nolii, and the brand’s first collection of wireless tech accessories. Rise is the first product from the collection to launch, and was previewed in September at London Design Festival 2018.
Collection 001
Couple makes your phone work harder for you. The protective case system features an integrated clip onto which a range of accessories can be attached. Whether you need extra power on-the-go or you want to leave your wallet behind, it’s as simple as clip and click.
Set gives you the freedom to travel light. The all-in-one power solution for phones and tablets combines a set of folding plugs, for use around the world, with a battery pack, reducing the number of chargers, batteries, and adaptors you need to stay connected.
Keep is always there for you. The compact battery pack provides a burst of power to take your phone from 1% to 40% – with no need for bulky battery cases or chargers. Integrated 8GB data storage makes transferring files quick and easy.
Stack gives you the power to unplug. The adaptable quick charge power pack charges all your devices, including your laptop, without the need to plug into an outlet. Use the modular batteries – Big Stack and Little Stack – together or separately to meet your power needs.
Bundle keeps you in order. The clever cable has an integrated loop for neatly gathering the cord for storage. Or, dock it on the Bundle Base when not in use, so no more scrambling under the desk or bed to find the connector.
In detail
nolii is a new lifestyle-focused tech accessories brand for Apple and Android products
LAYER has designed Rise for nolii, a portable LED lamp with the power to charge devices via USB and an induction charging pad
Rise has a battery in the base offering up to 12 hours of light
The Rise app allows users to remotely dim the lamp or to programme a “digital sunrise”
Rise is made of mouth blown, lightly frosted glass with speckled, matte plastic details
Rise launched in September at designjunction as part of London Design Festival
The inaugural nolii collection of five multi-functional products – all designed by LAYER – was also launched as retail-ready at designjunction as part of London Design Festival
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©Rise cooperation between Benjamin Hubert of LAYER and tech brand nolii

©Rise cooperation between Benjamin Hubert of LAYER and tech brand nolii

©Rise cooperation between Benjamin Hubert of LAYER and tech brand nolii

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