Catalogue exposition "Aujourd’hui & Demain"
ISBN 978-2-9549714-2-1
French / English
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Domaine de la Verrerie - BP 40
F-81400 Carmaux
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–young french glass artists

They invent shapes, play sets, develop concepts of artistic creation, explore glass by mixing chemistry and technology, materials and media; they are craftsmen, visual artists, designers, technicians-researchers; they are graduates or self-taught ...   At the beginning of the 21st century, after new practices appeared in the last century, making glass a material for artistic expression, glassmakers shook more than ever before the ancestral processes of glass making and the very status of the craftsman .   In 2018, the MCDAV is dedicating an exhibition to a generation of glass artists, trained and / or practicing in France, close to what has been since 2000, what is today and what will be, maybe tomorrow.   The exhibition "Today and Tomorrow" presents the creations of 70 artists and designers to reflect a moment of glass in France. It brings together emerging creators who embody a multitude of expressions: from the design and decorative object to the video / performance through sculpture and the uses of digital ... An exploration of the material that seems to have no limit, like a an echo of the Studio Glass movement, which a few decades ago opened the way for the use of glass in art.   This diversity of approaches gives rise to a surprising exhibition, which occupies all the spaces of the museum, thus creating aesthetic and temporal shocks, dialogues of forms and techniques

Posted 8 September 2018

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The short preface written by Didier Somen, Président de la Communautée de Communes Carmaisin-Ségala, describes the history and goals of the museum. Laurent Subra, director of the Museum/Glass Art Centre, Carmaux, France and the exhibition’s commissioner wrote the essay Glassmaker, Today and Tomorrow… Following all the works, the book is organized around the themes of Sculptures, installations, videos and performances; Digital uses; Design & decorative objects, and Tableaux & Paintings. In closing this well made book has an index. With a bit too many outdated works, the “tomorrow” section is under represented, the noun installation is interpreted too often as series while product design is severely underrepresented and painted glass is almost entirely absent.
This well-made book has a perforated front cover, good photographs and efficiently short CV’s.
A catalogue that all museums and schools should have in their library, admittedly possesses a narrow insight into French glass art.
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Angela van der Burght
Edited and enhanced English: Erica H. Adams

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