160 pp., 24.5 x 30.7 cm
150 colour ills.
ISBN: 978-3-89790-515-3
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Andrew Page / Klaus Weschenfelder / Steffen John

Most of the subjects of Lucio Bubacco’s (b. 1957) glass art are provocative and polarising; at the same time they are sensual and beguiling. In a kind of erotic ‘trance dance’ – Mephistophelian and frequently riotous – nightmarish fabulous creatures and mythological phantasms virtually undulate about each other. His technical virtuosity in creative execution is unparalleled, for the Murano-born glass artist has elevated the Venetian flame technique to a new level of skill and complexity.
Bubacco has captured human feelings and emotions in the masterly play of gestures and muscles of the glass figures featured in his burlesque installations. Full of wit and irony he thus explores the limits of kitsch without overstepping them. Follow him into a world of carnevalesque orgies, crystalline incubi and erotic fantasies in glass!
Lucio Bubacco is represented in numerous museums, including the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, The Corning Museum of Glass, Museum of American Glass, Millville, and Tampa Museum of Art (US); Nagoya Museum (JP); Glasmuseum Frauenau and European Museum of Modern Glass / The Veste Coburg Art Collections (DE); MusVerre, Sars-Poteries (FR); Museo del Vetro, Murano, Venice (IT); Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL); J&L Lobmeyr Museum and The Margot and Roman Fuchs Collection, both in Vienna (AT).

Posted 2 February 2018

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What a privilege to see these works up-close, in this great book highlighting chandeliers you will never be able to explore fully once installed.

Glass conveys the eroticism of these figurines so beautifully as it glides across their silken glass skin and sexy underwear with all its attributes and symbols. From a pit black to a deep red, each glassy colour shines and glimmers enough to make you smirk! But, once you’re pulled into the subject matter of these figures from mythology and scenes from the carnival, Bacchanal and Eden, the elegance and eroticism is played-out across a constellation of vases, urns, sculptures, animals and drinking glasses where we witness a feast of movement in space.

Brilliant photographs printed on shiny paper accelerate a kind of three-dimensional lust. So, we have the next best thing to owning such a voluptuous, sensual chandelier, presented in this enticing book on your coffee table to enjoy the work by Lucio Bubacco, whose book is divided into chapters for each of the different scenes.

Angela van der Burght
English enhancer: Erica H. Adams

Carnival after Midnight
h 75 x w 85 cm
© Norbert Heyl

h 165 x w 120 cm
© Norbert Heyl

The Temptation of the Apple
1992, changed 1995
h 60 x w 28 cm
© Norbert Heyl

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