collaboration of artists: Ewout van Roon, Tara Ester Wilts, Jelena Popadic


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is a unique and exquisite event that introduces contemporaneous poetics and aesthetics by way of various arts, crafts, and performances. Enjoyed by international audiences and, whenever possible, interactive with the artists, writers, scientists and designers.

Our little rebel, filled with devotion and the boundless energy of a family, is comprised of unique people that seek to influence and change our world – artists, intellectuals, designers, poets, romantic scientists, and creative fanatics.
Participants: Takuji Saito – Japan
Kensuke Saito – Japan
Ikuo Ichimori – Japan
Yuriko Yamauchi – Japan
Fumio Kawashima – Japan
Shigeru Asano, Japan
Marynka Nicolai-Krylova – Russia
Maxim Chapochnikov – Russia
Mathieu Chardet – France
Ayser Vançin – Turkey
Steve Johnson – United states of America
Zeljko Tutnjevic – Croatia
Martina Herak – Croatia
Sanja Lasic – Croatia
Kaori Suzuki – Japan
Livia Maracic – Croatia
Titta Vilhunen – Finland
Sebastian Vuillot – France
Liljana Liskovic – Serbia
Ulf Saupe – Germany
Ewout van Roon – Holland

Posted 22 May 2017

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Ewout van Roon - video artist
Ewout van Roon wishes to capture beauty and is fascinated by moving images. He creates painting-like films. Often inspired by nature or people. He has also made films that are created from a few droplets of ink in water. 
Ewout van Roon exhibits films and video installations at home and abroad. The most recent exhibitions are:
Venice Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival ANIMA MUNDI, that will be presented in Venice during the 57th Venice Art Biennale; event ELEMENTS - FROM SPACE TO SHAPE, It's LIQUID International Video Art Festival in Venice in the prestigious space of Misericordia Archives, from May 09 to July 09, 2017.
Kap-Hoorn Art in Bremen, May 20 and May 21, 2017.
Ewout van Roon works in various projects together with other artists. He collaborated with glass artist Jelena Popadic and Tara Wilts and made with them the dance film 'Hello World' who will be in premiere in Dubrovnik during the Le Petit Festival du Théâtre that will be held from 15 to 18 June 2017.
He also performs various video concerts such as the video concert 'The Sound of Water' with organist Gijs van Schoonhoven and the video concert 'Universe Suite' with the Czech composer / guitarist David Wurczel. Big projections with live music. Recent performances of the Universe Suite video concert are in Kutna Hora and Prague on 14, 16 and 21 June 2017. In August and October there are video concerts in the Netherlands.
More information:
+31 (0)653985104
Schoolstraat 5
7211BA Eefde
The Netherlands
Film "hello world "wil go in the premiere during LE PETIT FESTIVAL
Jelena Popadic
Hard and granular, oily soft or smooth as a mirror. Jelena Popadic wants to exploit these characteristics of glass completely. She is passionate and ruthless when using the sandblast with which she lashes or gently strokes the surfaces of her objects at will. She transforms clear glass into subdued objects which become very different in their outward appearance.

Born in 1964 in Yugoslavia and grew up in Yugoslavia and in Australia. Now, leaving in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jelena is an artist, designer and a teacher. She has been studying Free Art and Design from 1985 to 1991 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (HBO) and specialized herself in Glass medium in At and Design from 1987 to 1991.

Jelena is an active member of the Association of Dutch Designers, Friends of Modern Glass, The National Association for Visual Artists, Mediamatic and Capital D. In 1991, Jelena won the First Design prize (from 350 graduated students from art and design schools in the Netherlands): Start ’91 Karel Aalbers Design prijs (Centraal Beheer Holding NV). She founded the association ‘’ – an association of artists, who work and live in the Netherlands and organised an exhibition in Gemeentearchief Amsterdam. Jelena also get involved in activities in the fields of culture and education. Between 1991 and 2013, she has been supervising and realizing stage stenography for various dance theatre and opera productions via Companions and Showtex. Between 1991 and today, she has been collaborating, designing and producing Interior decorations in the fields of Art, Culture and Entertainment. Jelena also created collector’s items Oranje Vaasjes (1000 ex) for the silver anniversary of the reign of Queen Beatrix, commissioned work by Royal Leer dam and Glass Museum, Leerdam.
She works as a teacher and independent artist in the fields of visual and performing arts, participating with her work in various film, dance, theater and opera productions. Her work stands for innovation, experimenting, collaborating with other artists.
Jelena Popadic
+31 (0)681345990 (under construction)
“My inspiration is from mother nature, and ancient teachings about secret geometry, esoteric, epics of creation. I am always fascinated by the translucency, visual effects and optical illusions of glass. When I am creating it feels like being plugged in to another dimension here energy and sounds are appearing in front of me creating indescribable shapes, sounds and songs. Thus shapes became a glass body and sounds and songs are coded in the service texture. I feel that glass as a material has a great memory. My pieces are containers with energy and I am just an extension cord, serving the force of creativity.”

Art Radionica Lazareti
Frana Supila 8
20000 Dubrovnik (Hrvatska)

Film Fragment HELLO WORLD
collaboration of artists: Ewout van Roon, Tara Ester Wilts, Jelena Popadic

Film Fragment HELLO WORLD
collaboration of artists: Ewout van Roon, Tara Ester Wilts, Jelena Popadic

Film Fragment HELLO WORLD
collaboration of artists: Ewout van Roon, Tara Ester Wilts, Jelena Popadic

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