Zé pendant. The sophistication of interior designer Jacques Adnet is reflected in this geometrical lamp in the French decorative style of the 1920s. Zé is equally suited to the Titanic, a Parisian 1920 deco house or a modernist home in Los Angeles. Materials: Pure or blackened brass. Sandblasted and handblown glass.


Atelier de Troupe was founded in Los Angeles in 2011 by Gabriel Abraham, a former draftsman, set builder and production designer. Since then, A de T has manufactured lighting and furniture for the home embodying the aesthetic movements of the 20th century, specifically the Bauhaus, Italian 60’s cinema and the French art deco. A brand at the antithesis of the classical market trend. His instagram feed sometimes glorifies other brands as journal entries for his followers and  design aficionados. A resolutely non competitive approach where what matters is the beautiful and the noteworthy, a very contemporary and fresh outlook.

Posted 11 April 2017

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Gabriel Abraham was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and grew up in Aix-en-Provence to a French mother and Italian father. Full of wanderlust, he relished his childhood summers spent on the Italian Riviera and especially treasured the years of accompanying his physician father, a cruise ship doctor, sailing the Mediterranean to exotic ports in the 1970’s. This propelled him at 18 to film school in London and then to embark on a path to a film career, ultimately moving to Los Angeles in 1995. There, an encounter with Tarantino got him his first gig on the set of Snake Eyes, Abel Ferrara’s first Hollywood film. Abraham’s career in film and advertising took off with countless commercial and indie projects, art directing films such as Amat Escalante’s Los Bastardos, a hit at Cannes in 2008. Things took a professional turn when he moved into the Bubeshko Apartments designed by Rudolph Schindler. He began making lamps to furnish its modernist interior. He then started a blog, ‘Atelier’, about his inspirations and Commune Design spotted the lamps he was making. In 2010, Commune awarded the job of manufacturing all the decorative lights for the ACE Hotel Downtown LA to Atelier de Troupe, Abraham’s newly named business. Where did the ‘de Troupe’ come from? Teenage memories. In the south of France, he was fascinated by the incredible stories of the retired soldiers of the Foreign Legion at a local veteran home. Each week he went away with captivating anecdotes and his pockets full of tax free Gauloises de Troupe, the official cigarettes of the French troops.
Atelier /Showroom
4100 West Jefferson Blvd                                
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Totem. Originally designed for The Line apartment boutique in Los Angeles and New York, the Totem lamp reflects femininity. This bright cylindrical monolith rises like a sensual totem. Materials: Polished or satin brass, also in copper or nickel.

Lune pendant. An homage to the French glassmaker Max Ingrand, the Lune collection is a play on layering of glass and metal. The light intersects the cut metal like an eclipse and gives these pieces a timeless and formal rigour. It is available in three models and finishes. Materials: Pure brass, copper, nickel and sandblasted handblown glass.

Miro. A chic minimalist frame is threaded with bright pearls. A metal trapeze suspended in space adorned with drops of glass. The Miro collection reflects the purity of the Bauhaus and the simplicity of a Miro painting. Available in 4 pendant models and 1 wall light.  Materials: Pure or blackened brass. Sandblasted and handblown glass.

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