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MFA or PhD? Bring your artistic and academic career to the next level. Enrich your practice and create a major body of work. Exhibit and perform internationally while you study. Qualify at the highest level for the job you really want.

Posted 7 June 2013

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MFA or PhD? Bring your artistic and academic career to the next level. Enrich your practice and create a major body of work. Exhibit and perform internationally while you study. Qualify at the highest level for the job you really want.

Creative Surge This summer in Berlin: Make a collective stop-motion animation in one day, watch Afroeuropean films for another, sit in on 24 talks in the Trans-what? symposium, take a tour to the outer edges of Berlin from the film “Umland”, explore the politics of place through the ecological metaphors of “The Native and the Invasive”, walk the walk in the workshop “Within Walking Distance”, dare to engage in a voice lab and perform your voice across the thresholds of personal limits, stay up too late, hear Ensemble Xenon’s composers straddle the fence between free and noted music, get lost, cafe hop in “Writing Art/Artist’s Writing”, consider displacement in a mobile discussion group, experiment, critique critiques, see all the nominated films from the Nostalgia filmfest, don’t think about your job once for three weeks, participate in speed crits and slow crits, get new takes on old work, show new work for the first time, l earn the basics of psychoacoustics, hear what fifty other artists are up to pecha kucha style, go to openings, galleries, go home with a list of books you can’t put down.

Low-residency MFA Take it all back to your studio along with your plans and create a body of work like nothing you’ve done before. Be assured of the support, encouragement, feedback and resources you need in order to take all necessary risks and get the attention your work deserves. Do only the research you decide will feed your curiosity and enrich your artwork. Work with two international artists, curators and theorist advisors each year. Build a sustainable practice by creating your own course of study, find a balance between your artwork and other professional obligations while you are in the program. 2 winter sessions in New York, 3 summer intensives in Berlin, 4 semesters off-site.

Studio PhD Low-residency, winter presentations in the US, summer intensives in EU. Creative work or practice-based research only. Your studio work is the research. No separate written thesis required. Integrate your writing and your practice or create new forms. Your advisors are international artists, curators and theorist. Topics of interest: Memory, Forgetting, Trauma and the Archive; Creative Fiction and Experimental Non-fiction; Language/Image; Art and Social Technologies; Land and Sea; International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism; Role of Art in Peace, Meditation, Performance Activism; Liminality, Space/Place, Temporary Architecture; Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny. Opportunity to publish in the Transart Journal, exhibit with the Transartist collective, present papers at the Transartfest Symposium, get teaching experience with our MFA students. 3 years min.

Either or Both Year 1: Experiment, refresh research and writing skills, ground your practice or start in on the PhD Year 2: Doctoral proposal end of year one (fast-track to PhD) or end of year two (MFA + PhD) Transfer from one program to the other either summer with an accepted proposal. Transartists Either way, become a Transartist and continue as a graduate to flourish in the Transart community of artists and curators taking advantage of fellowships, technical and funding support, micro-financing networks, start-up funding initiatives, studio exchanges, curator and peer critique groups, and special calls. And yes, Transartists are invited back in many capacities. Ongoing connections, critique and support are essential ingredients for a vital artistic practice and successful academic career, equally important to the work if it is to flourish. Join an international group of emerging and mid-career artists and curators. Transartists stay connected and active, continuing to show, curate and perform together internationally..

About Transart Transart Institute offers an international low-residency MFA and a practice-based (studio) PhD program for working artists in a highly unique format. The Institute’s programs are geared towards the development of a sustainable artistic praxis rather than training in certain media or genres, challenging students to think conceptually and work creatively in new ways. Students work in any genre including animation, cyberart, choreography, curating, digital media, film, gaming, graphic design, installation, painting, performance, photography, robotics, sculpture, sound, text art, video, virtual reality.

This Summer…… come to Berlin, meet your colleagues and advisors. Make your plans, refresh your practice with workshops, seminars, pecha kuchas, artist talks, tours, multiple crits, discussion groups and the biennial Transartfest. Find a sustainable balance and remain debt free. Keep working, pay as you go. Work on-site and on-line, winter sessions in New York, summer sessions in Berlin, work wherever you live. Become a Transartist, with a thriving international practice and career. Talk with faculty, alumni, students and advisors by Skype or in person to hear more. But first apply for summer acceptance.Deadline: June 15, 2013
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