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North Carolina Glass Center Workshops 2017

New & exciting things are happening all around!  We are honored to host NCGC's first visiting artist, instructor Matt Eskuche. He will be heating up some fabulous forms in the flame shop.  See all the details below.
We also have many new ways for you to join us in the studio.  Take your pick from a variety of new classes in the flame shop or the hotshop.  From three hours to eight weeks, something for everyone.
Check out the latest news in the Asheville Citizen Times article on the NC Glass Center.  And mark your calendars for the upcoming River Arts District Studio Stroll May 20th & 21st.
As always, we are open 10a-6p, seven days a week.  Come by to visit the gallery, watch a demonstration or get into the action by taking a class.

Posted 16 March 2017

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Flame shop
This class is designed to show an approach to glass at the torch that will provide a solid technical base from which a person's work can progress. With jacks, and diamond shears aiding them, students will experiment with blowing borosilicate tubing. Shape, scale, and proportion will be addressed in order to create forms of varied scale and difficulty.  
Basic knowledge of torch use required, one year of experience preferred.   Clear tubing will be provided as well as torches.  Students should feel free to provide their own torch and colored glass if preferred.  Instructor: Visiting artist Matt Eskuche.
Dates: April 8th & 9th, 10a- 6p.  $475

Borosilicate: Comprehensive Beginnings
This six week course will provide students with a comprehensive introduction to working with borosilicate glass. Students will learn how to safely use a torch to melt & form glass using a variety of metal and graphite tools to shape the molten material.  Students will make items such as marbles, pendants, sculpture, ornaments & vessels, using them as vehicles for learning processes such as how to sculpt glass, work with color, surface design, and hollow forms. Cost includes glass materials & most tools.  Additional $30 tool purchase required with instructor guidance & field trip to glass supplier. 
After two classes, students will be eligible to rent studio time to work outside of class.  Students will receive two hours of rental time included with this course. 
Dates: Mon. April 17th- May 22nd, 6p- 8:30p.  $365
Mon. June 12th- July 24th, 1p- 3:30p.  $365

Glass Bead Making Comprehensive
This six week course is a comprehensive progression from beginning bead making to advanced bead forms.  Students will learn studio safety, bead construction & decorative surface design techniques.  From basic beads to varying sizes, shapes and even hollow forms in soft glass will be explored.  This course open to all ages 13 and up, no experience required.
After two classes, students will be eligible to rent studio time to work outside of class.  Students will receive two hours of rental time included with this course.  Instructor: Tony Prince.
Dates: Wed. April 5th- May 10th, 1p- 3:30p.  $325
Thurs. June 22nd- July 27th, 6p- 8:30p.  $325
Hot shop
HOT SHOP I- The Basics
Fall in love with glassblowing! This introductory 8 week class will teach the basic skills of glassblowing.  We will cover the process of how to gather molten glass from the furnace and shape it into basic clear forms such as paperweights, solid sculptures, bubbles and eventually drinking tumblers.  This course will focus on the important fundamentals of studio safety, the proper use of tools, and working in teams to create blown glass objects.   Color application will be covered towards the end of the session to demonstrate the possibilities of surface design. This class is designed for those who are new to the medium or have limited experience in glass and are seeking to build a solid set of skills in the art of glassblowing.
Dates:Thurs. April 6th- May 25th, 6p - 9p.  $645
Thurs. June 22nd- August 10th, 6p-9p.  $645
Thurs. September 21st- November 9th, 6p-9p.  $645
SPRING MEDLEY: Two Glass Flowers + Bud Vase  
This medley course provides students with an awesome hands on opportunity to create multiple finished items in the glass blowing studio. Students will begin by creating two sculpted glass flowers, and finish with blowing a bud vase. Each process will be guided one on one by an instructor. 
This course can be taken by one or two students together. Each 2 hour class will create three finished items.
Dates: Course offered Saturdays & Sundays through the end of April.  $165

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