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BILD-WERK FRAUENAU @ 30: Anniversary Academy Program 2017

In 2017, the International Summer Academy Bild-Werk Frauenau celebrates its 30th birthday. With the slogan "Learning to think with your hands", initiator Erwin Eisch took up the spirit of the old glass cultural heritage and the Studio Glass Movement, and transcended it towards fine art in painting, print, sculpture in ceramics, stone and mixed media, and above all towards the creative idea, colour, the figure and humanity in glass and art.

Posted 26 January 2017

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In the forthcoming anniversary summer Bild-Werk Frauenau offers 8 and 17 day courses in glass and fine arts in the inspirational atmosphere of Frauenau. Bild-Werk crosses the boundaries of workshops, media and materials programmatically, as shown in the conceptual course "Form and Fire: Interdisciplinary Hot Glass Special" for sculptural experimentation in glass with the American artists James Labold and John Moran. In addition, glass workshops are offered ranging from architectural glass painting to printed, engraved and sculpted glass, to warm and hot glass, as taught by Amber Hiscott (GB), Colin Reid (GB), Petr and Ondrej Novotný (CZ), Jan Janecky (CZ), Jirí Tesar (CZ), Carrie Fertig (GB), James Vella (USA), Jack Ink (A), Nancy Sutcliffe (GB), Lászlo Lukácsi (HU), Mark Angus (EU), Joanna Stelea (RU),  Max Jacquard (GB), Anne Petters (D/GB), Stephen P. Day (USA), Guido Adam (D), Wilfried Markus (D)  and others.
The 2017 program can be downloaded or requested as a printed catalogue:
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