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The Lyon Design association and Hotshop France have joined together to launch a
competition as part of the two-yearly LYON CITY DEMA!N 2017 event - Edition Gerland, taking place from 15th to 18th June 2017. This competition is based on design and research and will take a look at how glass will be used in the city of the future. It is open to all design professionals, from both France and abroad including visual artists, designers, architects, urban planners and scenographers.
Deadline for submitting applications : 9th December 2016

Posted 17 October 2016

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Glass has become both a material and a symbol of the era in which we live and its heritage.
It is found in all aspects of architecture, exterior and interior and is used, used for safety, separation, lighting and in the environment. A major part of our daily lives, glass, like all new materials, has its own visual identity.
First there was the window and household light, mirrors and perspective, the hourglass and measuring time, lenses and boundless measurement and the seizure and retention of images. Today, things have evolved and we know more about how these things are perceived, depicted and the passed on to others.
Now more than ever, glass has become the material of new technology and is a new way of thinking and doing through arts and science. We are being taken over by screens and other smart forms of glass but they are also linking society to the outside world. Here we are talking about history and this opportunity.
Jean-Pierre Evrard, Curator
Cities are always looking for new ways to update their scenery, whether we are talking about the buildings themselves or materials and the way they are used.
Since it was created, LYON CITY DEMAIN has continued to broaden its thoughts on boldUrban Design and the innovative and secular materials that surround it. Designers have been known to be plunged into the unknown or unexpected to show their way of thinking, examples of such being using growing paper to depict walls and Plexiglas to represent urban farms.
Others have preferred to work on new ways of using common materials such as metal, stone and concrete. Reinventing the use of glass in the city seemed like a two-track challenge: incorporating it into urban furniture or using its transparency, colour and false fragility to create daring structures.
Olivia Cuir, Director of LYON CITY DEMAIN

The general theme deals with new ways of using glass in the city and developing new
processes and new types of products adapted to use in the city of the future.
Each candidate’s approach should incorporate the following aspects:
-S’inscrire dans le cadre du développement du quartier Biodistric Lyon/Gerland
-Répondre à l’une des sous-thématiques suivantes :
NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: How do you use glass to enhance natural spaces with a sensorial approach, encouraging the discovery or our environment ?
Trees, plants, rivers and ponds, the land and other natural resources are all elements of the urban environment that are no longer just for decoration. They help create a balance for city dwellers by offering places where people can express themselves in many different ways, shapes that break the rigid lines of buildings and solutions for the temporary and permanent layout of industrial wasteland. They offer many different opportunities to rediscover the age-old traditions and conduct found in many modern areas of towns and cities or to indeed create new ones.
MOBILITY AND ITS SOCIAL LINK : How can glass be worked and interpreted to develop and create new signage adapted to suit the identity of buildings and traffic flow in towns and cities?
Public spaces are no longer areas of towns and cities where people’s paths simply cross.
Now they generate encounters centred on activities that stimulate the body and mind.
They have to be well-organised to create a social link and incorporate a multitude of uses and shared information. From urban circuits, places for gathering people together and communications systems linked to reception areas to digital signage and the very latest in digital glass…forging social networks to make living together better is a determining factor to happiness in towns and cities.
The projects presented must belong to one of the following two categories:
-MICRO ARCHITECTURE : constructions incorporating elements/modules in glass
or based on an existing framework …
An applicant may take part with several projects but a different application must be made for each project.
Each project will be judged on its ethical and aesthetic qualities and on its ability to address the issue and the category chosen. It must also whilst blend in with the Lyon/Gerland Biodistrict. It will have to take into account the constraints that will enable it to then be produced, exhibited in a public place and used by residents (comply with strict safety standards and be weather resistant etc...)

Applications must be sent to the following address :
45 quai Rambaud
69 002 LYON
Deadline for submission of applications : 9th December 2016 (Date as confirmed by
All applications must include the following elements:
•-Explanatory note detailing the project and concept, drawings and/or photos and 3D
representation, dimensions, materials and everything you feel that will help us to fully
comprehend and appreciate the project. Please also include sketches that explain the
design and how it will be manufactured.
(5 pages A4 maximum)
-The project initiator’s curriculum vitae (or that of all individuals if the application is a group project) with complete contact details, schooling, internships and work experience undertaken and any projects already created and exhibited. The applicant must provide a Siret number (French business identification number) and enclose proof of public liability insurance (mandatory in France). (2 pages A4 maximum).
-A summary of the project on A3 : This will be given to the selection panel ahead of time to enable them to prepare for the meeting. It should contain all elements pertinent to the application (text and images) as well as the CV of each candidate. This form should be completed horizontally on A3 with the name(s) of each candidate and details of the project and the lower right-hand side.
-A USB stick grouping together all elements of the project, in particular the A3 sheet of paper in PDF form, the various images (drawings and/or photos and 3D representation) in HD (PDF, JPEG or PNG), the forecast budget and proposed method of funding. All images must be provided in high resolution for use in all types of media (print, web) as part of the competition (presentation of results, communication based around the event etc.). All images must be royalty-free.
You must also indicate if a model or prototype is already available.
An applicant may submit several projects for consideration but in this case, one application per project is to be submitted.
In view of the number of applications expected, please note that your application will not be returned to you and that any incomplete applications will not be submitted to the jury for consideration.

6th October Competition launch date
9th December Deadline for submitting applications
12th December 2016 onwards Pre-selection of applications for jury presentation
14th December Jury assembly
16th December 2016 Publication of competition results
3rd January 2017 Meeting to approve designs/concepts
2nd February 2017 Interim meeting to discuss project progress
1st March 2017 Presentation of the finished projects (aesthetic and technical) and selection of the winning project
From 2nd March 2017 Start of production for the 10 projects chosen (9 projects in model form and the winning project in prototype form)
From 11th June 2017 Exhibition of models set up at the event location to present the award winning projects
15th June 2017 Official opening of LYON CITY DEMAIN 2017 - Edition Gerland and exhibition of the models taking part in the LYON CITY DEMAIN – Hotshop France glass competition, in the presence of the project initiators
From 15th to 18th June 2017 Presentation of the exhibited projects, the project initiators and partners and prize-giving – Press release of LYON CITY DEMAIN 2017 – Edition Gerland and the LYON CITY DEMAIN – HOTSHOP FRANCE glass competition broadcast to all web and specialist media as well as to the regional and national mainstream press
19th June 2017 Dismantling of the competition exhibition

A jury comprising members of the LYON DESIGN association, members of HOTSHOP FRANCE and various professionals will meet to study the applications received. 10 projects will be retained and given technical support in the design and conception phase with a view to producing 10 models that will be exhibited during the event from 15th to 18th June 2017. Only one project will be awarded the title of laureate from among the 10 selected.
The project initiator will be offered the chance to have a prototype made of their project by Hotshop France and its partners.
By having their models exhibited, initiators will benefit from :
-exposure from all communication before the event.
-advice and technical support from master glassmaker Vincent Breed and the Hotshop
France team.
-the possibility of having a wide audience discover their work including industry
professionals, corporate players and the general public.
-new opportunities to expand their network, promote encounters and talk about their
vision of glass in our future towns and cities.

HOTSHOP FRANCE will give support through expert advice, to each project selected in order to help with its progress during the pre-model development phase. Each project initiator will have to find a partner(s) to produce the model to be exhibited during the event.
The LYON DESIGN! association will make its own contribution to each project selected in the form of communication (it will be incorporated into the event press kit and press release etc.).
HOTSHOP FRANCE will continue to assist by giving advice on how to best produce the ten models of the selected projects. However, each project initiator must find their own partners to provide financial and technical support in producing their model.
Hotshop France will be the associate partner of the winning project. The project initiator will be invited to Hotshop France whilst the prototype is being made. The different production steps, raw materials and labour will be provided by Hotshop France.
By financing the prototype of the winning project, Hotshop France becomes the
manufacturer. Serial production may be an option if the laureate is in agreement.
PHASE D’ EXPOSITION The LYON DESIGN! association will provide the exhibition venue and handle the communication of the projects retained as well as that of the winning project.

HOTSHOP FRANCE is a production workshop. It as also a laboratory and Research & Development centre encouraging working relationships between professionals in fields of Art & Design, Architecture and Glassworking (all types of techniques) with a view to creating innovative and original projects. HOTSHOP FRANCE also provides training solutions and has intervened in both the private and public sectors in Hong Kong, Paris, Nancy and Monte-Carlo.
This unique location in Franc created by Vincent Breed, between Lyon and Saint Etienne, is supported by the Ernst&Young Foundation.
It is the largest private glassworking platform in France and boasts the largest reheating furnaces in Europe.
Jean Nouvel, Matali Crasset, Patrick Jouin, Hilton McConnico, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Benjamin Graindorge, Hubert Le Gall.
Founded in 2012, Lyon Design ! aims to promote urban design in the Lyon Metropolitain area.
It describes itself as a testing ground for transforming the city of tomorrow and organises
LYON CITY DEMA!N, a series of public events in districts undergoing transformation. It purposely involves many different entities in the development of prospective projects in order to create a link with the major players and institutions in the area and bring them together, including residents, design professionals ( (designers, urban planners, architects, artists, design and research offices and creators) businesses and industries.
-« La transparence et le reflet » by Serge Bramly, at Jean-Claude Lattès
-« Construire en verre » by Presses Polytechniques and Universitaires Romandes
-« SIO, rapports entre verre et nouvelles technologies dans la création contemporaine -» study led by Manuel Fadat for OUDEÏS (Laboratoire des Arts Numériques, Electriques et Médiatiques)

More information:
Z.A. Plat Du Pin
13, chemin de la Creuzille
69690 Brussieu - France
Workshop : +33 (0)4 37 22 06 55
Cell phone : +33 (0)6 888 47 886

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