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Internationale sprekers geven hun visie op het belang van de maker in het designproces.

Posted 5 October 2016

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Dit zijn de sprekers:
Glenn Adamson
Glenn Adamson is a curator and theorist who works across the fields of design, craft and contemporary art. He was until March 2016 the Director of the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. He has previously been Head of Research at the V&A, and Curator at the Chipstone Foundation in Milwaukee. His publications include Art in the Making (2016, co-authored with Julia Bryan Wilson); Invention of Craft (2013); Postmodernism: Style and Subversion  (2011); The Craft Reader (2010); and Thinking Through Craft (2007).

Alberto Alessi
During his time as CEO of the Alessi Company, Alberto has continually striven to work at the heart of international creative culture, thinking of his company as a "research lab in the Applied Arts." His commitment to this ethos was most vividly seen in the 1983 project Tea and Coffee Piazza, an experimental post-modernist series of architectural statements designed for the table. Alberto Alessi has written several books, including La Cintura di Orione (Longanesi, Milano 1986), Not in Production, Next to Production (Alessi Spa, Crusinallo 1988), and The Dream Factory (Electa, Milano 1998). During his career he has contributed articles for many international magazines and publications and been a visiting professor at several design colleges.

Louise Allen
Louise Allen is the Head of Innovation and Development at the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland and for the past year was the Head of International Programmes for Irish Design 2015. She is President of World Crafts Council Europe, the world NGO focussed on the promotion of crafts. Her experience ranges across design, enterprise, contemporary arts, education, curation and innovation.
In her various roles she has led on the strategic development for the design and craft sector, forged relationships nationally and internationally and has delivered several EU funded programmes. Louise most recently co-curated Liminal-Irish Design at the threshold, the flagship exhibition for Irish Design 2015 that toured to design weeks in Milan, New York and Eindhoven. She is currently curating the Global Irish Design Challenge exhibition and is on the board of the World Crafts Council Europe.

Catherine Willems
Catherine Willems is lecturer at the Fashion Department of the School of Arts (KASK) and consultant for VivoBarefoot, London, UK. She studied Comparative Cultural Sciences at Ghent University, Footwear Design at Ars Sutoria in Milan (Italy) and has a PhD in the Arts (Future Footwear, 2015, University College Ghent). With Future Footwear she focuses on the creation and wearing of footwear in a particular context. Integrating across biomechanics, anthropology, and design sciences, Future Footwear explores the relation between materials, skill, and design methods in various communities and questions the conventional thinking on design, production, and creativity.
Waarover gaan de lezingen?
Synopis of lectures
Glenn Adamson
In 1974, the Mexican poet Octavio Paz wrote an essay entitled 'In Praise of Hands.' He argued that, in the face of advancing technology and globalism, respect for local skills and traditions was more important than ever. Today, more than four decades on, it seems worth revisiting these ideas. How should designers regard the question of handwork? Need it be framed as a traditional matter, rooted in place, or can it be treated as a completely fluid capability, there to be used as any creator chooses? Craft theorist and historian Glenn Adamson will consider these questions in light of recent design projects, and argue for an ongoing investment in material intelligence in the age of the digital.
Louise Allen
The sum of many parts – Irish Design 2015
Initiatives such as Liminal – Irish Design at the Threshold and the Global Irish Design Challenge enable designers to build collaborative relationships with a purpose and determination to create a narrative between their own process and one that is influenced by parameters of partnership, time and material. 
Ease of access to shared knowledge, the rise of communities of practice and radical changes in connectivity are revolutionising how we interact, design and collaborate. The shift in attitude from individual ownership of ideas, concepts and systems to shared co-creative environments is becoming increasingly prevalent. However, in practical terms, finding the impetus and time to realise a collaborative project can be challenging.  Shaping an environment for co-creation is a delicate yet important undertaking requiring a level of trust and openness, a willingness to fail, an ambition to succeed and an appetitie for adventure. Through small interventions such as FUSE development clinics to large scale projects such as Irish Design 2015 the conditions for collaboration can be fostered.
De andere onderwerpen worden nog bevestigd.
Voorlopig programma
15:00: Verwelkoming door Johan Valcke, curator of “Hands on Design”
15:15: Lezing Dr. Catherine Willems (Future Footwear)
15:45: Lezing Dr. Glenn Adamson
16:15: Pauze
16:30: Lezing Louise Allen
16:45: Lezing Alberto Alessi
17:15: Netwerkmoment
19:30: opening "Hands on Design” in Designmuseum Gent

Hands on Design
8e Triënnale voor Vormgeving
helemaal Hands on Design en dat is niet zomaar. Ambacht leek tot voor kort een oud, beladen woord, maar is vandaag overal. Nieuwe machines en technologieën maken handwerk opnieuw economisch rendabel. Door het creatief gebruik van deze nieuwe mogelijkheden, krijgt handwerk nieuwe verschijningsvormen. Dat zorgt er ook voor dat meerdere startende designstudio’s hun eigen ontwerp zelf uitvoeren. En die handmade slaat aan. Eén van de redenen is ongetwijfeld de virtuele wereld die mensen doet snakken naar echte, tastbare producten. Objecten met een duidelijke maker en een duidelijk verhaal. 
Het nieuwe economische potentieel is curator Johan Valcke niet ontgaan. 'Hands on Design' brengt makers, designers en bedrijven samen om nieuwe producten te creëren die de meerwaarde en de gevoelswaarde van dat gewaardeerde handwerk in zich hebben. Benieuwd naar de chemie tussen designer/maker en bedrijven? Ontdek het dit najaar in Design museum Gent. 
Jan Breydelstraat 5
B-9000 Gent
+32 (0)9-2679999
Tijdens het openingsweekend op 18 en 19 november maakt Unizo van Gent trouwens een echte Maker City met manifestaties, tentoonstellingen, lezingen,… Meer info op
14:30 - 18:00 uur
Mariott Hotel
9000 Gent
€ 15 - 40

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