James Maskrey, o.T., 2016, ofengeblasenens Glas, Foto: Bild-Werk Frauenau


in support of the International Summer Academy Bild-Werk Frauenau

The preparations for the Benefit Auction are in full swing. Exactly 100 art works will be auctioned on the 2nd of October. The auction catalogue available on request, and also as a pdf download under

Posted 13 September 2016

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100 Art Works | 70 artists | 13 countries
All the objects of the auction are donations and come from 70 artists, all teachers in the academy, from 13 countries. The donations also show their closeness to Bild-Werk Frauenau which for nearly 30 years connects the world of studio glass with fine arts.
The art works show a great variety of medias, styles and techniques, and every single one has a powerful individual voice: Immediately you can recognize these artists, who have all contributed to the inspiring atmosphere of Bild-Werk Frauenau.
About 30% of the works have been made in Bild-Werk Frauenau, often as “demo” pieces. Our teachers and teaching assistants have been able to demonstrate their technical and artistic virtuosity, and the results have been generously donated to the auction. For example the object of James Maskrey which is the title photograph of the catalogue. It shows not only his mastery at the furnace but also his narrative approach.
Unique works also resulted from the spontaneous cooperation of James Maskrey and Nancy Sutcliffe (both UK), and between Christian Schmidt and Heinz Fischer (both from the regional studio glass scene).
A late example was a collaborative piece made by two teachers in the July session, Shane Ferro and Angus Powers. Both of these Americans have worldwide reputations and our students were able to watch them work together to complete this wonderful piece. As an example it is typical of the lively improvisation which typifies Bild-Werk Frauenau.
Glass | Painting | Printmaking |Sculpture | Ceramics
Glass works are one half of the works. The other half are paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics. Artists like Erwin Eisch or Christian Schmidt, known from the glass scene, are represented with painting and drawing. This variety shows the wide range of the academy courses. The focus is on glass but only in association with fine art can the inspiring atmosphere arise every year during the summer.
Since 1988 Bild-Werk Frauenau is a vital asset for the region and beyond, and, as a non-profit organisation it greatly relies upon donations and the success of the auction to meet the ever growing expenses. 
The possibility to buy unique work, to meet with many of the contributing artists, to support an important institution and to have a very enjoyable day in the autumn landscape of the Bavarian Wood is waiting for all visitors.
Catalogue and information
The printed catalogue is available on request, and also as a pdf download.  Telephone and written biddings are possible. More information under
The Benefit Auction is again organised and supported by "Glaskörper Kulturverein e.V."an organisation that engages for the culture, especially of glass, in our border region and beyond. All proceeds from the auction go to Bild-Werk to assist funding the academy.

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James Maskrey +Nancy Sutcliffe, 3 in the sea, 2016, ofengeblasenes Glas, Glasgravur, Fot: Bild-Werk Frauenau

Shane Fero, Bird Vase, Lampengeblasenes Glas, Foto: Bild-Werk Frauenau

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