The “EepyBird Mentos & Coke Experiment” Maker Faire, Detroit 2016
© EepyBirds, Photo: Gary Malerba


“Out of Order Day” Anniversary Celebration Museum Tinguely, Basel: September 25, 2016, 11 am – 6 pm

On Sunday, 25 September Museum Tinguely is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a big party. On the final day of the temporary exhibition “Michael Landy. Out of Order” the Museum is inviting guests to a wide variety of attractions all about Jean Tinguely and Michael Landy in the Museum and in Solitude Park. In crowning conclusion, the EepyBirds will bring the day to a close with one of their spectacular Mentos & Coke Experiments.

Posted 12 September 2016

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Since its opening in October 1996, Museum Tinguely has recorded more than 2.5 million visitors and put on more than eighty exhibitions. With an alternating focus, the permanent exhibition presents a comprehensive overview of Tinguely’s diverse creative activity. Temporary exhibitions take place alongside this, showcasing a broad spectrum of 20th  and 21st -century artists and themes based on Tinguely’s “ideas universe”: Inspirations such as Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters, Tinguely’s contemporaries such as Arman, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Yves Klein, just as much as current themes, such as for example sensory perceptions in art, and contemporary artists. Museum Tinguely has established itself as an institution for interdisciplinary cooperations, among others in the fields of music, dance, and education, and, in collaboration with both local and international partners, offers art projects a platform that is open to an extensive public. Museum Tinguely’s program is known beyond Basel for promising the surprising, the unconventional, and plenty of interactivity.
Out of Order Day
The experimentation continues on anniversary day, too. A multifaceted program of hands-on events awaits the party guests, among others with the HEI.DO Street Lab, the Peng-Art-Machine, and further activities for young and old. ChezJeannot picnic baskets, a barbecue, and paella will form the culinary complement to the anniversary celebration. Special tours with the museum’s director, along with past and present colleagues, will additionally offer personal insights into the life and creative output of Jean Tinguely.
British artist Michael Landy, to whom the current exhibition “Out of Order” (08.06.- 25.09.2016) is dedicated, will talk about his work (3 pm) and reveal why his first retrospective is on show specifically at Museum Tinguely. One of the day’s highlights will be the first Switzerland performance by the legendary EepyBirds, who, with the aid of more than 120 Coca-Cola bottles and Mentos candies, will be playing around in Solitude Park in true Jean Tinguely style with a unique performance and meters-high geysers and fizzing cola fountains. The EepyBird Mentos & Coke Experiment@Museum Tinguely will begin at 5.30 pm
Museum Tinguely, Basel
Museum Tinguely was opened in Basel in 1996 and houses the biggest collection of works by Jean Tinguely (1925– 1991), one of the 20th  century’s most innovative and important Swiss artists. The museum, built by Tecinese architect Mario Botta, is located directly on the right bank of the Rhine in Solitude Park, adjacent to the Roche Campus. Museum Tinguely is the biggest cultural commitment of Roche. The company’s one hundredth anniversary marked the external occasion for founding the museum. From the first concrete idea to build a museum at this location to the museum’s opening (in 1996), just three years went past. The basis for the collection of Museum Tinguely was Niki de Saint Phalle’s donation of 52 sculptures from Jean Tinguely’s estate (1992). With this, the biggest batch of the artist’s works found its home in Basel. Since then, the collection has been continuously expanded by further purchases and generous donations. In 2016, Museum Tinguely is a beacon in and for Basel’s cultural landscape. With its interdisciplinary (exhibition) program, the museum is an attraction both for international, art-interested visitor groups and for a broad leisure-time public.
Temporary exhibition “Michael Landy. Out of Order”
The exhibition “Michael Landy. Out of Order” (08.06.- 25.09.2016) brings together works from 1990 to the present day, and thus comprises the British artist’s entire oeuvre so far. Landy’s art is characterized by intensive dealing with society, with attitudes toward consumerism, toward the ephemerality of things, and toward dealing with possessing and letting go.
Tinguely has remained a leading artistic figure for him since he visited his exhibition at the Tate Gallery in 1982. In 2006, Landy began dealing intensively with Homage to New Yor k (1960), during which Tinguely built a machine in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art and then had it destroy itself in front of an invited audience. Michael Landy will be coming to Basel on “Out of Order Day” and closing his exhibition with a lecture on Jean Tinguely’s ground-breaking action Homage to New York  (1960) – the first self-destructing sculpture in art history. (3 pm)
Program for “Out of Order Day” – 20 Years of Museum Tinguely

Special Guests & Events
Jean Tinguely’s Klamauk
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4002 Basel
+41 (0)61-681 93 20

Jean Tinguely, “Schwimmwasserplastik”, 1980, in the Solitude Park Basel
© 2016 Museum Tinguely, Basel: Photo: Daniel Spehr

Jean Tinguely’s “Klamauk” (1979) can be experienced again after five years on “Out of Order Day”. © Photos: 2011, Museum Tinguely, Basel
© Photo: 2011, Museum Tinguely, Basel

The EepyBird Mentos & Coke Experiment@Museum Tinguely

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