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NZSAG are very proud to be hosting its 20th Biennial 2016 Conference in Auckland, and celebrating this significant accomplishment.
The aim of this conference is to explore and examine the unique relationship between ‘light’ and ‘glass form’, and in gaining a greater understanding of how the interaction of light and form influences the glass craft, design, techniques and processes.

Posted 3 September 2016

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Eleven prominent National and International artists and lecturers have been chosen, for their glass craft, art and design techniques and processes at the 2016 Conference.  These stimulating lectures are an incredible opportunity for the development of NZ glass artists, and are designed to help learn new levels of creativity and to motivate you with fresh and artistic ideas.

So dare to be inspired, and join us by registering early to receive the discount, attend the glass workshops, and book your accommodation using the Conference special booking code.  Remember to include the Saturday night Conference dinner special for $45 (normally $60pp), where the members Exhibition  Awards will be announced and presented.

You can download more detailed information here:– NZSAG 2016 ‘LIGHT + FORM’ Conference Brochure,– Registration_form,– NZSAG Exhibition prize list and the Members Exhibition Terms and Conditions.

For any further enquiries please contact either Francia Smeets (Treasurer) or Heather Olesen (President)

NZSAG Conference 2016
The speakers for the 2016 NZSAG Conference have been finalised and it promises to be an exciting event. We will also be facilitating a number of informative workshops before and after the Conference.
We encourage non-members who are wanting to receive regular updates and newsletters about the Conference/Workshops to fill in a membership application, which can be found under the title ‘Members’ on this website.

International Keynote Speaker:
Tina Oldknow
Lecture Title: ‘Glass, Light, and Form at The Corning
Museum of Glass’
Tina Oldknow is an independent curator and art
historian, specialising in contemporary art, craft,
and design in glass.
Master of Ceremonies:
Stuart Park
Stuart, a former Auckland War Memorial
Museum Director, is a passionate historian
and collector of New Zealand glass.
Kathryn Wightman
Lecture Title: ‘Chasing Rainbows’
Kathryn will focus on her art practice, which draws
inspiration from domestic interiors, surfaces, patterns
and textures. She will discuss the glass powder screen
printing process she has developed, as well as how
colour and light play a key role in her artwork.
Marc Petrovic
Lecture Title: ‘Avian Pattern Deconstruction and
Marc will speak about the processes he uses to
create his avian forms. He will present images on
the entire process, from the cutting and fusing of the
Bullseye sheet glass, through to the hot sculpting of
the final form.
Max Jacquard
Lecture Title: ‘Inner Core/Outer Skin’
Max will cover the aspects of inner and outer
relationships made possible by the use of core casting
techniques in glass. He will also discuss the importance of
light in relationship to surface finish and achieving the
desired view into the inner form.
Carmen Lozar
Lecture Title: ‘Stretch’
Carmen will discuss the narratives that run through her work and why
glass is a perfect material to balance subject matter that is both light
and dark. Carmen will also discuss the techniques she employs at
the torch to create a figure.
Kirstie Rea
Lecture title: ‘Folding Light’
Kirstie’s lecture will look at the concepts behind and
informing her work, as well as the all-important
considerations of light and form.
Matthew Urban
Lecture title: ‘A Way to Make Glass’
Matthew will talk about the intersection of traditional glassmaking
coupled with current technology and the importance of the glass
artist’s relationship with the environment.
Carol Milne
Lecture title: ‘Knitting with Glass’
Carol will descirbe how she taught herself to knit in
glass and the associated pitfalls, challenges, and
Wilhelm Vernim
Lecture title: ‘A Glass Artist’s Nomadic Life’
This presentation will cover Wilhelm’s
extensive teaching experience, as well as a
presentation of his glass work.
Ron Reichs
Lecture title: ‘Coldworking is your Friend’
Ron will discuss how his carved glass sculptures affect
and are affected by the play of light, as well as some
great advice on the challenging process of coldworking.
Loren Stump
Lecture title: ‘Finding Franchini’
A variety of techniques will be discussed,
including Murrine component assembly
and large scale statue assembly.

New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass>

NZSAG Members’ 'Light+ Form' Exhibition
TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre
72 Hillsborough etc
travelling to:
Wallace Gallery Morrinsville
167 Thames St
Morrinsville 3300 
+64 07 889 7791
More information:
NZSAG 2016 ‘Light + Form’ Conference
Waipana Hotel and Conference Centre
58 Waipuna Rd
Mt Wellington 
Auckland 1062
+64 09 526 3000

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