Private Days 30/9/2016-1/10/2016
Free entry October 2, 2016
La salle Feu de Camp
« The Campfire room » has a perfect name for our event. It is again an atypical place in a calm and relaxing location that we can meet again and see born a multitude of artistic and scientific pieces of glassware.
The two hangars will be installed to receive in the one hand, tables and torches for free flames to allow the establishment of demonstrations and presentations of our 9 guests and a photos exhibition. On the other hand, a second hangar will be installed to receive the suppliers’s instalation and sponsors but also a space dedicated to the exhibition of glass pieces.

Outside, the green space will allow us to install a dining area with the arrival of 2 Food trucks, but also to host several barnums for the establishment of exhibitors during the open day to the public.
A few steps away, you will have access to the Lakes of Viry-Chtillon, however if you want to take a break in the afternoon before returning to the hotel otherwise, Paris is only a few minutes.
It is important to note that the site is equipped with toilets, which also allow the coming of the disabled persons.
We look forward to this place come alive by your presence, your skills and your creative energy!

Venue: la Salle Feu de Camp »
5 rue du port, 91350 Grigny. France.

Association of French Flameworkers : A.V.C.F
our website :
The link to register to the symposium 2016 :

Posted 4 August 2016

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Usefull Informations
Where to eat ?
Two food trucks come for 3 days, to provide sustenance between two flames. However you will find near a Leclerc hypermarket.
Directions to the event?
ADDRESS: 5 rue du Port, 91350 Grigny. « Salle feu de camp »
SNCF railway network (within 40 minutes from Paris)
Gare de Lyon take RER D towards Corbeil-Essonnes. (8 stops after Gare de Lyon)
Viry-Chatillon Station stop.
The station is served by trains from Paris to the RER line D. Remember to check the train stops before boarding, on the screens of information present on the platform.
Bus line
The station is also served by the DM5 line of the transport company Daniel Meyer and night, by the N135 and N144 lines Noctilien network.
Walking from the station: 23 min
Par la route depuis Paris :
Prendre l’autoroute A6/ E15 en direction de Lyon, sortie n°7 Viry-Châtillon.
For help, contact us !
A town, a partner.
Viry-Chatillon is a French town located twenty-one kilometers south of Paris in the Essonne department in the region Île-de-France.
It is the capital of the canton of Viry-Chatillon and is included in the Grand Paris although it is not part of the inner suburbs.
Areas shared transmitted between illustrious families of the lordship, Viry-sur-Orge, the agricultural town on the road from Paris to Fontainebleau and Châtillon-sur-Seine, a village on the river merged in 1790.
In the nineteenth century with a station on the new line of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in Montargis, the town received in 1909 organized the first airfield in the world. If he does not lasted beyond the First World War, he allowed the fame of the town, who knew by the 1920s an important demographic development with the subdivision of the alluvial plain, worn by the major axis that was the State road 7. the town is known today for hosting the headquarters of the car racing team Renault F1 Team.
Its inhabitants are called the Castelvirois.

For this second edition of the Symposium, the town offers two hangars located at the edges of lakes in Viry-Chatillon, La salle Feu de Camp as well as material and human resources for the organization of this event.
The discovery of flints on the territory of the town is the first sign of activity in Viry. At the Gallo-Roman era, built on the present site of the old town, a villa owner called Verus, gives its name to the village Viry.
In the seventeenth century, the Perrault family will own a castle in Viry, Claude Perrault become famous for colonade the Louvres and the Paris Observatory and Charles Perrault is known for his famous stories.
In the early twentieth century, Port Aviation airfield is the first organized world. It is inaugurated in May 1909. The biggest names, Ferbe, Védrines, Roland Garros, Prégoud will perform the first flights there. It is from there that the 18 ocotbre 1909, the share count Lambert of overflight Paris .... 
We offer you a list of hotels located near our event to allow you to find a solution for your accommodation on site.
Logis Hôtel des Lacs
19 Rue Octave Longuet, 91170 Viry-Chatillon
01 69 44 21 21
A special rate is set up with « Logis Hôtel des Lacs », because it is ideally located on the edge of Viry-Chatillon lakes. A Price about 33 euros per night per person is offered from 10 people, simply to point out that you tell you come to the Symposium organized by l’Association des Verriers au Chalumeau de France. For more information, please contact us.
Ibis Budget Viry-Chatillon
39/45 rue President Kennedy, 91178 Viry-Chatillon
08 92 68 31 96
Premiere Classe Viry-Châtillon
80 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 91170 Viry-Chatillon
08 92 70 72 68
Kyriad Viry-Chatillon
80 avenue du Général de Gaulle, 91170 Viry-Chatillon
01 69 45 88 50  
Friday, September 30: Private Day for professionals and amateurs
This first day will open the show with intervention of 4 guests. Through a presentation they will exhibit their work and their approach in their respective fields and they will offer a demonstration during which you can watch the tricks or ask questions. This day is also an opportunity to discover the facility and the different corners set up to exchange and create links.
09.00 Welcome around a hot drink
09:30 Opening speech by the President of the Association Guillaume Thoraval
10h - 11h Jean-Michel Wierniezky show (FR)
11 h – 12h Kristina Sasser’s show (USA)
13h - 14h Madeline Bunyan’s show (UK)
15h - 16h Przemyslaw Tryc’s show (UK)
16h - 18h Free Flames and tea time
18h - 19h Beau Anderson’s show (USA)

Saturday, October 1: Private Day for professionals and amateurs.
This day will be highlighted by the intervention of 4 of our guests. They will present their work with a presentation tracing their history and conduct a demonstration. This day will also be marked free time for the discovery and exploration of what the event offers such as free flames and suppliers stands etc ...
9:00 Welcome around delicacies
10h 11h Bunet Vanessa’s show(FR)
11H- 13h Flames Free and lunch break
13h 14h Laurent Dapolito’s show (FR)
15h 16h Freddy Faerron and James Yaun’s show (USA)
16h 19h Free Flames, finishing collaborative projects
19h End of days for professionals and amateurs, refreshments.

Sunday, October 2: Public day, free admission.
Throughout the day public demonstrations will be made by the participants of the first private days, it is short demonstrations, however they will be punctuated by demonstrations of our guests.
Several stands will be installed for the Craft Market of the glass flameworker and throughout the day, visitors will be able to discover the art of spinning glass beads, maing glass sculptures subjects but also decorative and utilitarian glass pieces as dishes or the art of glass-blowing as is done in scientific glassware ! 
Guests and demonstrations
Vanessa Bunet ( FR ), Glass Beadmaing
Vanessa Bunet start her career of glass flameworker specialized in the glass beadmaking when she integrates the society « Guegan Perles » in 2002. She contributes to the production of glass beads Venetian inspired mainly for high fashion in France . She has worked with designers such as Jean-Michel Othoniel or for Lalique. In 2005, Beads production stops, Vanessa Bunet however continue as an independent glass worker. In 2008 she met Beau Anderson and then joined a family of glassbeadmakers internationaly renonwned. Together they contribute to the international expansion of the glass beadmaking. Vanessa Bunet was elected as "Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" in 2015.

Przemyslaw Tryc (UK), Sculptures of subjects
We had the honor to meet Przemyslaw Tryc last year at the first Symposium. Przemyslaw alias Trycak The 2nd, had contributed greatly to the event by its glass spiders demonstrations during free flames. We are now honored to have him as our guests.
Tryc Przemyslaw is from Poland, his father was a glass-blower, he then passed his knowledge. He is currently a scientific glass flameworker in the UK at the University of Southampton. Przemyslaw is an artist at heart and his artistic influences are felt heavily in his sculptures that take the form of characters from the fantasy universe. 
Laurent Dapolito (FR) Scientifique glassblowing
Laurent Dapolito is a scientific glass flameworker. He began his career at Dorian high school in Paris in the 90. Then he worked beside scientists and performs technical objects for public research laboratories in Lille. However, he played a very important role in the development of glass flamewokring in France in the artistic sphere and in particular around the glass beadmaking which he mastered shaping techniques and decorative techniques too. Indeed, in 2005 he opened the doors of this mysterious world mysterious to the public by creating the first forum in France on the Internet entitled « Verre et Perles au chalumeau » where hundreds of people one could find information but also a community in which will invest. At the same time, he runs a website « Ceraverre » on which he sharing technical and cultural information on the glass. To him, communicate is to learn, grow and evolve.

Madeline Bunyan (UK) Glass Beadmaking
Madeline Bunyan finds its way into the glass beadmaking in 2006 after following a training class in the glass flameworking. During hes first year behind the torch she turns her attention to the discovery of the material through the blowing including using borosilicate glass but also through the soft glass spinning to create a wide variety of artwork including through assemblies dozens of glass pieces stretched through sculptures. It was during her third year of practice, she specializes in creating glass beads, with particular attention on associations of colors and textures. she will stand out in the community of glass beadmaking with the famous "Goddess" representing a female body shape next to wonderful curves reminiscent of ancient statues of fertility, but with a more contemporary look at the body of the woman. Between beads and sculpture, her colorful and subtle work is expressed in constant research that can give the glass by adding materials or searching the chemical reaction that will surprise her look.
Freddy Faerron et James Yaun (USA) Marbles
James Yaun and Freddy Fearron are borosilicate lampworkers who focus on making large-scale marbles, hollow and solid jewelry and other items using vapors (heat-evaporated nanoparticles) of the purest silver and gold available as their primary color palette. This is known as “fuming” in our field.
With over 35 years combined knowledge in fuming application of fine metal vapors, James and Freddy have formed a powerful work relationship over the past seven years. They developed and published a fuming theory which they teach throughout the US and Canada. Their theory has been published in "The Flow" magazine's fall 2015 issue and an extension in their summer 2016 issue. It is important for them to come for support our community of glass flameworer in France and also the Association by sharing their knowledge in order to allow a good cultural bridge in the marble art maing by participating in the symposium in France.

Jean-Michel Wierniezky (FR) Scientific glassblowing
Jean-Michel Wierniezky is a glass flameworker at the Ecole Polytechnique. Specialized in scientific glassware and recognized in his field in France, he realized also several artistic glass pieces that have enabled him to obtain twice the title of « un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France » in 2011 and in 2015. He found his job at the CNRS in Gif sur Yvette, then at Lycée Dorian where he trained. « I wanted to be glass-blower for the magic that occurs when glass between Flame and spring with another form, our hands and our eyes have dictated the terms » 
Beau Anderson (USA) Glass Beadmaking
Beau Anderson, born in Bellingham WA, was introduced to glass lampworking by Sage Holland, his mother at the age of seven. Although he had various interests in the art world, Beau Anderson focuses on glass and explores the beadmaking and its history. He traveled throught America to perform many demonstrations and transmit his knowledge to the general public or in prestigious institutions such as the Corning Museum of Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Center or Pilchuck Glass School. Beau collaborative work with family members and other artists has always been a source of mutual influences and inspiration for their creations and their teaching methods. His passion for travel, new experiences, and his love of the natural world are reflected in his artistic style. This is a defender of the conservation and sustainability. Beau Anderson strives for optimal efficiency and positively impact production methods and teaching techniques. He is an artist committed to his art and to the progress of his students. Beau Anderson is known for the powerfull details of in his beads and for executng flawless glass beads and because he mastered a wide range of techniques.

Sasser Kristina (USA) Glass Pipe
Kristina Sasser alias K.sass is a visionary artist, specializing in the glass pipemaking. She lives in Boulder, Colorado. She expresses her vison in the glass by merge an artistic style with spirituality, beauty and nature, since 1999. It is in this spirit that she creates mystical figures and sculptures in a transcendental universe. Kristina Sasser sees in her art a strong vibration potential and often uses the inclusion of stones as meteorites to enhance the vibratory power of her pieces, she also combines them with sacred geometry petterns and amazing colors.
Besides her work as an artist, she is also a philanthropist. She spent five years as director of the "Colorado Project" which translates non profit efforts by glass artists to support charitable causes in the community through events and the development of artistic collaborations in the world glass. 
Free Flames
As last year, when the Symposium doors opened, 15-20 torches will be available to participants desiring perform one or more items during the event. We call free time in the symposium « Flammes Libres ». They punctuates the two private days to allow each visitor to try to the maximum, tools, torches or glass, provided by our sponsors and by the Association.
Several types of torches will be installed, with internal mixing or external mixing:
Their will be French torches CFG and LEFEVRE brand, Belgian torches MIEMA brands and Americans torches NORTEL brand and GTT.
The A.V.C.F strongly encourages collaborative projects during the event. While the Association and sponsors make available equipment, it is still advisable to come with is own tools and glasses protections. However, make sure to mark your equipment to prevent accidental exchanges.
The AVCF wants all pieces made during the event can be held at the end of it by the association to allow a possible development of creations, or an auction to raise money for the Association in order to develop it. 
Open day to the public
This year, the Association decided to keep the two private days for professionals workers and amateurs of glass lampworking to preserve the unique concept of theevent of its kind in France and continue to foster interdisciplinary exchanges within the event, through demonstrations, presentations and free flames, but also through various divisions like suppliers and sponsors.
The association would, however, take this enlightement of glass lampworking to promote the disciplines that compose the flamworking to the general public in this place. This is why a third day open to the public is available. This day, the place will be free access for all visitors. They will have the opportunity to attend demonstrations and discover the work of exhibitors.
This sales exhibition will be held at the location of the Symposium at « La salle Feu de camp » at the edge of Viry-Chatillon lakes. It will be held Sunday, October 2 from 10 am to 18 pm.
A registration form for participate to the exhibition-sale will be available on the AVCF website.
Exhibitors undertake not to sell pieces of art that are not produced by themselves and which are not carried that torch or working glass lampwork intervene at least in a step of making achievements. 
Messer (France)
First Gas company in Europe
Schott (France)
The Schott France Group is a global leader in technology for special glasses.
Glassworks France (France)
Soda Lime Glass rods distributor of CIM and others brands.
Novair Oxyplus (France)
Production and air treatment and compressed gases.
Miema (Belgique)
Manufacturer of tools, machines and torches for glassblowers.
Trautman Art Glass (USA)
Manufacturer and distributor of borosilicate glass rods of colors. 
L’Age du Verre (France)
Supplier of equipment and tools for working glass and lampwork glass distributor.
Hobby France (France)
Supplier of equipment and tools for glass working and lampwork glass distributor.
Herfray (France)
laboratory equipment supplier and raw material.
Glassgoths (France)
tooling supplier and raw material
Beadpress (Pays Bas)
Tooling Manufacturer and storage solution for glass lampwork.
Versatine (France)
Glass processing, selling baguettes supplier of products and borosilicate tubes. 
At the event, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and sponsors will be present to shows their products.This is an opportunity to getto know, see and maybe test those products for sale on their website. The Association will also have a standand will reserve some surprises.
ORGANSATION : Associations des Verriers au Chalumeau de France (A.V.C.F)
The glass flameworking is a profession that brings together two major areas.
Scientific and artistic glassware.
Created by Guillaume Thoraval with the founding members in January 18, 2014 in Paris, The A.V.C.F's primary goal is the creation of a representative cohesive and active community of our profession and its different areas.
The A.V.C.F main objective is to make known and promote glass flameworking in all its areas of activity while working on the valuation and development of our manual and technological expertise.
The other major goal of AVCF is to revitalize our community by facilitating meetings, exchanges and sharing between actors from different areas of our profession and the organization of events or through an online discussion forum on Facebook and a Youtube channel, always with the objective of fostering interaction in a climate of mutual personal and professional enrichment.
The A.V.C.F defends the interests of flampwork glass workers and representation thereof in any private or public administrations.
Can join the A.V.C.F all glassmakers to Torch of France, artistic or scientific, private or public, and all those interested in glassware torch and wishing to support the actions of the Association.
President: Guillaume Thoraval
General Secretary: Nathalie Crottaz
Deputy Secretary: Shirley Goutte
Treasurer: Fabrice Zucarrelli
Members of the Board: Jerome Lamiable and Stéphane Louis.

Mail :
President: pré
Site internet :
Groupe facebook AVCF
Chaine Youtube : Association des Verriers au Chalumeau de France 
Pricesand registrations
The A.V.C.F offers two prces to participate in the event, one for members and one for non-members. It is never too late to join the Association, please contact us for more information or visit the website:
In order to maintain this desire to create links between the different disciplines that make up the glass flameworking to build bridges between the different associations to a close-knit community, a special rate will also be given to members of the french Association of glass beadmakers, the APAF, in the continuity of actions in the first Symposium in 2015.

THE TWO PRVATE DAYS Price for members of A.V.C.F
45 €
Price for non members of A.V.C.F
20 €
Price for members of A.P.A.F
35 €

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