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In-Between Hot Glass
All around there can be seen an increasing interest in Graal Glass, in courses and in glass galleries. It is exactly 100 year ago, in 1916, that the designer-artist  Simon Gate and the master glassblower Knut Berqvist of Orrefors Glassworks in Sweden took up an old techniques of interlayer decoration and coined the expression 'Graal' with the object "Graal Orrefors KB HW N:o 1".
Bild-Werk Frauenau marks this anniversary, and takes it as an impulse to explore the Graal technique to create synergies and future perspectives of artistic glass design in cooperation with glassblowers and glassworks.
Colloquium, October 30th
In the triangle of glass craft  - art and design – industry the one day Colloquium explores and revives Graal for the first time in a wide-ranging contemporary context.
On 30th October every glass craftsperson, representatives of glass education, of glass industry  and of glass museums, together with everybody who is simply interested in glass, is invited to a one-day Colloquium in the Frauenau Glass Museum. Lectures and an Open Podium Discussion will draw a bow across the development of interlayer decoration in glass art, both historically via model ways of connections between artists and glassblowers in Europe, and by exploring actual present day initiatives and future potentials.
Master Classes, October 31st – November 5th
Which inspirations can be gleaned from the historical base, and which ideas can be utilised and developed in the present day practice? These questions will be explored in the following six-day Master Classes.
These six master classes welcome advanced, professionals and students in art, design and glass craft. The workshops will be led by experienced glass artists and teachers and will explore the potentials of glass engraving, glass painting, silk screen, glass cutting, pâte de verre and flame-work in relation to the designing and creation of Graal glass. The classes will work artistically on appropriate blanks which then will be reheated in the hot shop. Experienced glass blowers will overlay them with clear glass and blow them into their final form on the blow pipe.

Posted 21 July 2016

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This concentration of knowledge and skill in one place will show the possibilities of Graal technique in its widest range. The use of interlayer glass techniques has long been a part of the studio glass scene, whether with Theo Sellner who set standards with his Lamó technique or with David Hopper as a protagonist in the area of painting and photo techniques, or with the combination of cutting and hot glass known as 'Ariel'.
Fresh approaches will also be taught in the Master Classes in Frauenau: Anne Petters opens the door to a connection between pâte de verre and hot glass, and Shane Fero incorporates lamp-blown designs into the interlayer, whilst Vic Bamforth invents new kinds of painting in-between hot glass.
A lot of new perspectives will be discovered!
In-Between Hot Glass Perspectives of Graal Glass: Symposium and Master Classes at Bild-Werk Frauenau Oct 30 to Nov 5, 2016
Colloquium: 30th October 2016 with: Gunnel Holmer (Swedish Glass Museum, SE), Charles R. Hajdamach (formerly Broadfield House Glass Museum, GB), Milan Hlaves (Museum of Decorative Arts Prague, CZ), Yann Grienenberger (International Glass Centre Meisenthal, F), Katharina Eisch-Angus (University of Graz, A), Susanne Jøker Johnsen (The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design Bornholm / Bornholm Art Museum, DK), Hans Reiner Meindl (Glass Works Lamberts, D), and others.
Master Classes: 30th October – 5th November  2016 with: Christian Schmidt (glass engraving, D), Vic Bamforth (glass painting, GB), Sue Woolhouse (silk screening on glass, GB) Franz Xaver Höller (cold working, D), Anne Petters (pâte de verre, D) and Shane Fero (lampworking, USA).
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