Bruno Romanelli, Mimas, 2014 Photo: Andy Smart


Five internationally renowned glass artists  - Heike Brachlow, Fiaz Elson, Kate Maestri, Bruno Romanelli and Elliot Walker - share the techniques they use to bring colour, form and light into their work. This is the fifth in the series of biennial seminars organised by Just Glass.  
Links to more information about the artists below.
Heike Brachlow , Fiaz Elson , Kate Maestri , Bruno Romanelli , Elliot Walker
Colour  Form  Light
Saturday, 22 October 2016
10.30am - 4.30pm
Brockway Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Tickets cost just £29.50 and are available from Eventbrite or via the Just Glass website .  (Just Glass members may purchase tickets for a reduced price of £25 - see for more information about joining).

Posted 8 July 2016

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On Just Glass
Just Glass was formed in 2003 and comprises a group of  established and emerging glass artists. Members include internationally renowned as well as emerging artists and their work ranges from tiny, intricate pieces to imposing, large-scale works in glass, from domestic vessels to abstract sculpture.?  Please browse our artists’ pages to see some of their work.
?Exhibitions featuring the work of Just Glass members have been mounted in Kew (2003), the 'Trail of Glass' (2005), covering six venues across Richmond, Kew and Twickenham, 'Shift' (2008), held at the London Glass Art Gallery, The Leathermarket, London SE1, 'Movement and Light' (2013) at Orleans House, Twickenham and the acclaimed 'Just Glass: The Art of the Possible' (2014) at the prestigious PM Gallery and House, Ealing.
Just Glass is renowned for its biennial Seminars attracting international glass artists to speak on various aspects of British Studio Glass. Speakers have included Stephen Beardsley, Sarah Blood, Kirsty Brook, Sabrina Cant, Katharine Coleman, MBE, Anna Dickinson, Matt Durran, Shirley Eccles, Frances Federer, Catherine Hough, Richard Jackson, Max Jacquard, Angela Jarman, Kevin Petrie, Colin Reid, Anthony Scala, Angela Thwaites,  Richard William Wheater and Emma Woffenden.  Our Events pages hold details of all our seminars and exhibitions to date.?
We accept applications to join from 'warm glass' artists who are
-  students or have studied 'warm glass' at any adult education institution in the uk    
or those who are
- teachers or have taught ' warm glass' at any adult education institution in the uk
You can apply online here - or contact us for more details here.

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