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Rolling glass balls constitute an essential element in Mark Bischof’s kinetic art. The artist’s first complex kinetic installation, in which both the factors of movement and time play a role, was “The Invention”, featuring glass and messing balls that move their way through a delicate wooden construction and eventually cause a cup of tea to be poured. In all of the works that he has created since then, he examines the phenomenon of movement through the primary means of rolling glass balls.

Posted 12 June 2016

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The “Markrokosmos” is a complex kinetic glass marble machine, hand-made and measuring 3 x 3 x 2.5 m. A huge hoop slowly moves 79 marbles upwards, one by one. Chance determines which of the numerous messing tracks each ball will follow. On its way downwards a marble may encounter one of the beautifully constructed wooden elements.

“Opus 212” features an enormous crystal ball slowly climbing a circular slope and causing an eruption of mini-marbles.

Mark Bischof – Markrokosmos (2003) / Photo: Hugo Rompa

Mark Bischof (born 1958, Duisburg) is a Dutch artist specializing in kinetic installations. His works have been featured in the Ambient Art Gallery in Amsterdam, the film Kinetic, and in the motion picture Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.
Each month, on two weekends, Mark Bischof offers guided tours of his atelier in Amsterdam, during which he demonstrates these installations and his other works. Due to the limited space, the number of participants cannot exceed 15. The tours last approximately one and a half hours.
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Mark Bischof / Photo: Willem Vermasse

Mark Bischof – Opus 212 (2008) / Photo: Hugo Rompa

CV Mark Bischof
2016 Ping Pong Pakhuis third edition with De Rode Loper op School/Amsterdam
2015 participation in A Sharing Academy, opening Art in Motion
2014 kinetic concert with Esther Apituley in CBK Amsterdam
2013 Ping Pong Pakhuis second edition in Boerhaave Museum Leiden
2011- 2012 Markrokosmos and Opus 212 in phaeno science center, Wolfsburg/DE
2010 completion of Opus 212
2009 participation in KlankKleurFestival/ Amsterdam

2008 Mark in Het Klokhuis again
2007 design of AION for Bucherer, Luzern/CH
- exhibition in Teylers Museum, Haarlem/NL
- replicas of Mark’s work in Hollywood movie Fracture/Anthony Hopkins
2006 Mark in Dutch TV program Het Klokhuis
- educative project Ping Pong Pakhuis with De Rode Loper op School/Amsterdam
2004 premiere of KINETIC by J.W.van Reijen at the International Film Festival Rotterdam
1998 – 2003 creation of Markrokosmos
1990 – 1996 applied art: Cello chair, Clarinet case, Easel and creation of The Invention
Before 1990 studies cello at the conservatories in Bremen/DE and Amsterdam/NL
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Markrokosmos by Mark Bischof

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Mark Bischof – The invention (1996) / Photo: Hugo Rompa

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