Tamás Ábel, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design—SPACE SOUVENIR
Photo: Benedek Bognár


Hellodesign Talent Award is intended for graduating students in Hungarian architecture and design, who could enter with their diploma projects. The jury consisted of renowned architecture and design professionals, who have chosen the best pieces from 150 nominated works in 6 categories, while the audience has also chosen their favourite one.
Hellodesign Talent Award opens up new opportunities for career-starters to show their talent. By winning the award they have the possibility to call the attention of their future clients and employers, while gaining invaluable Hungarian and international publicity.
Over 250 diploma projects have been publicised during the 3 years of this non-profit programme so far at Hellodesign’s web site, providing promotion for career-starting architect and designer students, as well as their training institutes.
It may come as good news for students that they can apply for the award from any class and with any institute project, starting from this year.

Posted 5 May 2016

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Public Choice Award: Tamás Ábel, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design—SPACE SOUVENIR
The award of the audience was won by Space Souvenir, a work by Tamás Ábel, by which the artist pays tribute to Theodore von Kármán. The souvenir cones unite—by form and colour—the Kármán-ogive and the Kármán-line representing the boundary of outer space. Following a successful launch and crossing the border of outer space, rockets land as ‘space souvenirs’, which are then marked. The work by Tamás Ábel could as well serve as such a mark, which the artist would use as landmarks at the locations significant in Theodore von Kármán’s career (Budapest, Aachen, Kobe, Los Angeles, Párizs).
About Tamás Ábel
MOME, Ceramic Design, MA Graduation Project
With my masterwork I am paying tribute to Theodore von Kármán with the three dimensional memorials alluding both to the Kármán-line, the boundary of outer space and the curve of the nose cone, which was designed by him. The latter is reflected by the shape of the object’s part made of glass,  the former by the transition of colors within the object itself. The transition is achieved by casting. The material of the tube and the pedestal are made of metal, to refer to Kármán’s experiments in rocketry and to symbolize a successful rocket-launch. After launching and passing the boundary of outer space, the rocket lands on Earth as a real Space Souvenir. Its point of impact - similarly to that of a meteor’s -  is always marked. The memorials function as such markers in cities that made an impact on Theodore von Kármán’s life, and vice versa - Budapest, Aachen, Kobe, Los Angeles, Paris.
Supervisor: Balázs Sipos
Consultant: Balázs Orlai
Photos: Benedek Bognár
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