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- Insect Farm Shows Taipei How to Be Self-sufficient in Protein

In the year 2050 it is estimated that the Earth will be populated by 9 billion people and a question that arises is how a sustainable food-production that produces enough for everyone, without posing additional stress on the environment, can be designed. A solution is to find an alternative to meat production, and one such protein source is insects. There are approximately 1900 edible species of insects, and 2 billion of the world's population already eat insects today. Protein production from insects is much more efficient than meat production, for example, 10 kg fodder is needed to produce 1 kg of beef, but the same amount of fodder can produce 9 kg of insects.

Posted 11 March 2016

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To illustrate what an urban insect production might look like, Belatchew Labs has developed the insect farm BuzzBuilding for cultivation of crickets. BuzzBuilding consists of a building that integrates the whole insect production flow, from the egg to the ready-to-eat insect. Additionally, BuzzBuilding is a safe haven for endangered wild bees, which, apart from ensuring endangered species of bees' continued existence, also turns the city into a blooming and fertile city.

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With the goal of showing how Taipei, Taiwan, could become self- sufficient in protein, Belatchew Arkitekter suggests the construction of an insect farm in the Ren-A Circle roundabout - the BuzzBuilding Taipei - offering 10350 m2 farmable surface.
The main structure is a steel exoskeleton, an outer skeleton, inspired by the structure of insects. On the ground floor there is a restaurant where insects are prepared and sold. The goal is to make the production public; in contrast to the hidden meat production it invites the public to observe and participate, and offers accessible knowledge about where our food comes from. By situating the farms at unused places in the city, such as roundabouts, the goal of making the city self-sufficient in protein can be obtained.

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- We are overwhelmed with the interest the world has shown Belatchew Labs and BuzzBuilding, and it is gratifying that we now have the opportunity to show how BuzzBuilding can resolve Taipei's need of protein within the framework of the Taipei World Design Capital, says Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, Principal Architect, CEO and founder of Belatchew Arkitekter.
BuzzBuilding Taipei is currently on display at World Design Capital Taipei 2016 as part of the exhibition Design Solution - Swedish Design for 170 years, arranged by Taipei City, Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and Business Sweden Taipei.
BuzzBuilding has received several awards including the Architectural Review MIPIM Future Project Award, the Smart Living Challenge award and the national Swedish Design S award.
About Belatchew Arkitekter
Belatchew Arkitekter was founded in 2006 by owner and principal architect Rahel Belatchew Lerdell. The office is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but the projects are situated in many places around the world. Belatchew Arkitekter is working within a wide range of projects, from urban planning and housing to interiors, offices and retail. In its first decade, Belatchew Arkitekter has grown to also include the innovative architectural studio Belatchew Labs as well as the real estate company Belatchew Fastigheter. The office has also received several awards, and its projects have been published by major media outlets worldwide.
Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, MSA/SAR, DESA, founder of Belatchew Arkitekter, has a Master's Degree in Architecture from Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris, and has worked as an architect in Paris, Luxemburg, Tokyo and Stockholm. Belatchew Lerdell is a guest teacher at Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris and guest critic at the School of Architecture at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Belatchew Lerdell has been named Swedish Architect of the Year, and is also a jury member of prestigious awards in Sweden and internationally, such as the World Architecture Festival, Les Totems Wood Award in France, the Latvian Wooden Architecture Award, the Swedish Wood Award handed out every fourth year, the biannual Swedish Residential Prize, Swedish Room of the Year, Imagine Open Skåne 2030 and the Swedish Colour Award.
Belatchew Arkitekter's projects are visionary and strive to inspire, question and challenge. The office is idea driven with an aim to find unexpected solutions that enhance the potential of a site and add value to real estate. Belatchew Arkitekter follows the global development on sustainability and consider it its mission to integrate sustainable solutions in every project. In order to achieve this, Belatchew Arkitekter has founded Belatchew Labs and Belatchew Fastigheter. Belatchew Labs is a studio within Belatchew Arkitekter that works with experimental projects that aims first and foremost to investigate and test new approaches and solutions to urban and architectonical issues. Belatchew Fastigheter is a real estate company that gives Belatchew Arkitekter the opportunity to realize projects with high architectural qualities trough developing real estate projects on its own.
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