©Project Architect: Paolo Venturella
Team Design: Cosimo Scotucci
City: Weimar
Year: 2015
Type: Competition


Paolo Venturella & Cosimo Scotucci propose a glacial glazed museum
The museum takes shape by the deformation of the classic courtyard typology, according to functions and context.

Posted 10 March 2016

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The courtyard building, that works as a path for visiting the exhibition, is taken into consideration as a starting point and then deformed pushing one side on the other.
The deformation literally goes beyond its limits and alters a simple typology into a more complex one.  In this way the park enters in the project making the courtyard a public space open to the city.

Moreover it cantilevers on the street side creating a covered area for the entrance and making the building appearing as if it were "welcoming" visitors that are coming to visit the museum.

The volumes that step up and down are an urban promenade that host rooms where the main artworks are shown and drive people to the upper terrace facing the park.
Form follow exterior function while interior functions follow form.

©Paolo Venturella Architecture

“Paolo Venturella Architecture” is an architecture firm based in Rome that mainly focus its research on the integration between the design processes and renewable energies.
It is involved different aspects of the city at different scale and works considering architecture as a solution to past, present and future questions.
The main points focus on contextualization, public space, sun exposure and sustainable renewable energies.
The process of design is always based on the selection of a strong idea, innovative and rational and in finding the most appropriate shape that express itself explaining its own functions.

Architecture can’t be functional nor expressive but the combination of both.
For this reason the resulting shape is not a starting point but the logical outcome of reasoning.

Investigation moves towards creating an architecture that communicates itself establishing a dialogue with the city and that creates a unique new entity to create a connection with the everyday life of the people.

©Paolo Venturella Architecture

Paolo Venturella 

Paolo Venturella (Roma, 1982), after his first studies in the business and economics at “Roma Tre” University moves to the school of Architecture “La Sapienza” in Rome, where he graduated as an Architect in 2010. He spent part of his studies abroad at “Universidad Politecnica de Madrid”.

He worked in different international offices such as: “B.I.G. – Bjarke Ingels Group”, during two years in several projects and actively collaborating in the “Yongsan International Business District” and in the “Europa City” and in “Massimiliano Fuksas” working on the EUR Congress Center.

Member of the “Rome Official Architect Association” since 2013, he participates actively in several International Competitions and has been awarded with several prizes worldwide such as Iconic Award, Well-Tech Award, MED Solutions and Land Art Generative Initiative

Scotucci was born in Fermo (Italy) on 03/02/1988.

He graduated in 2014 at First Faculty of Architecture in Rome. During his studies collaborated with some architectural practices and with some of the most famous international universities like UCLA and University of Cambridge.

Since 2013 he has joined Paolo Venturella Architecture.
Besides to his academic studies he is interested to typography, graphic and furniture design.

He is a co-founder of RUBLIC an innovative start-up that works on sustainable design.

Cosimo Scotucci

©Paolo Venturella Architecture

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00152 – Roma, Italy
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