Tobias Møhl
"Glassweaver platter", 2012
Glasstænger, koldt bearbejdet, ovnformet (fused og slumped) /
Canework, cold worked, fused and slumped
Foto: Poul Ib Henriksen


-A Panorama of Colours and Patterns

From 22nd April – 25th September 2016 Glasmuseet Ebeltoft will show the exhibition Ornament – a Panorama of Colours and Patterns, which introduces 15 artists who all make use of patterns and ornament in the widest sense.

Posted 24 February 2016

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A group exhibition presenting 15 high-profile, international artists who all incorporate pattern and ornamental decoration in their work: 
Klaus Moje (Germany/Australia)
Clare Belfrage (Australia)
David Yule (Australia/Czech Republic)
Claudia Borella (Australia/New Zealand)
Giles Bettison (Australia)
Kathryn Wightman (UK/New Zealand)
Richard Parrish (USA)
Carrie Gustafson (USA)
Lino Tagliapetra (Italy)
Tobias Møhl (Denmark)
Tchai Munch (Denmark)
Layne Rowe (UK)
Sylvie Vandenhoucke (Belgium)
Wilfried Grootens (Germany)
Momoo Omuro (Japan)

Giles Bettison
"Textile 15 #12", 2015
Blæst glas (murrini), koldt bearbejdet /
Cold assembled hot worked murrini, blown and cold finished

In the world of art, ornamentation occupies a unique position in every way. At all times and in all cultures where humans have left their traces, we can recognise the urge to decorate and embellish. Any viewer can straddle without difficulty over time and place and find pleasure in ornamentation and patterns from remote places and bygone times, for the simple reason that ornament and patterns precede everything else. Winding ornamentation, stylised imitations of animals and plants, and geometric patterns came long before spoken and written language. 

Layne Rowe
”Woven” 3 Tone Blue, 2015
Glasstænger, blæst, slebet og sandblæst /
Multicoloured overlay cane, roll up, blown, diamond cut and sandblasted
Foto: Ester Segarra

Sylvie Vandenhoucke"Cloud I", 2007
Foto: MUTED ed.

Richard M. Parrish "Tapestry 44", 2012
Ovnformet glas / kiln-glass
Foto: Rab Cummings

In spite of this, ornamentation has been more or less invisible in modern western art in the last hundred years. With the rise of modernism, it practically disappeared from architecture and the art scene. In the wake of industrialisation and mass production, it was seen as a disruptive element that should be sacrificed in the desire for rationalisation and simplicity.
Since then, patterns and ornamentation have not played a dominant role in mainstream trends in the arts of the 20th century. They have not disappeared, however! Ornamentation still exists, most clearly seen in and on architecture, applied art and art craftsmanship, but those who look carefully can also find it in pictorial art. It is often sporadic, like an underlying structure, and occasionally seen as full-toned patterns and decoration. 

Klaus Moje
"Vertical over Horizontal", 2015
Ovnformet og koldt bearbejdet glas, to paneler /
Kiln formed and cold worked glass, 2 panels
Foto: Eric Tschernow
Courtesy of: Lorch + Seidel Contemporary

Lino Tagliapietra
”Giudecca”, 2015
Blæst glas med farvede stænger, incalmo, sandblæst /
Blown glass with colored canes, incalmo technique and coldworking
Foto: Francesco Allegretto

Kathryn Wightman
"Stained", 2015
Glaspulver, print, ovnformet /
Powdered glass, screenprinted, kiln formed and stained
Foto: Vikrant Batra

In terms of contemporary glass a number of artists have kept up the interest in form, line and colour, and for some it is a central element in its own right. The exhibition focuses on some of these artists and we can allow ourselves to be seduced by the way they play with patterns and materials.
Naturally, most of those participating are glass artists. As a prelude to the actual exhibition we have found space for a small number of works and objects in other materials, such as ceramics, wood, textiles and painting. This display can be seen as an introduction to the subject that unfolds in earnest in the exhibition itself. With the display we want to draw attention to patterns and ornamentation which, although they are only given a minor role in modern art, are still valued and all-pervasive. 

Claudia Borella "Waitakere Evening", 2009
Ovnformet (fused) og overfladebehandlet glas, sorte paneler med iriseret sølv og guld / Fused and resist blasted Bullseye glass, black panels with iridised silver and gold quadrants and white detail
Foto: Andres Salinas

Wilfried Grootens
”Heaven on Earth”, 2005 
Installation bestående af 2200 ligesidede trekanter, floatglas /
Installation of 2200 equilateral triangles, floatglass
Foto: Norbert Heyl

David Yule
“A new way of seeing Czech cutting”, 2011
Glas, projektor / Glass, projector
Foto: Alex Francis

We also aim to place glass in a wider context, showing that glass artists’ endeavours and considerations are shared with artists who work in other materials. We have selected a broad group of international glass artists, working with very different concepts and techniques, which we believe, will give a very varied and expressive exhibition.
The exhibition will also be supplemented with a programme of public promotional events and activities.
See the Agenda>

Strandvejen 8
DK-8400 Ebeltoft
+45 (0)8634-1799

Clare Belfrage
"In Sight Green and Coral", 2015 
Blæst glas, koldt bearbejdet /
Blown glass with cane drawing, cold worked
Foto: Pippy Mount

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