ISBN 978 90 8637 006 1
84 pages
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Dutch and English texts
Preface: Jacq. De Brouwer
Translation: Dr. Jill Bradley
Graphical design: Jac de Kok
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Korvelseweg 16
NL-5025 JH Tilburg, the Netherlands
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-Jan Doms

Ingrid Luycks

This book contains 84 pages and has an 8 page cover that folds out. The book’s author is Ingrid Luycks and the preface is written by Jacq. De Brouwer. The text editor is Ed Schilders, the translator Jill Bradley and the graphic design is the work of Jac de Kok. The illustrations in the form of photographs and drawings come from Jan Doms’ archive.

Posted 30 January 2016

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Jacq. De Brouwer opens his contribution on calling Jan Doms a “constructive sculptor on the crossroads where landscape, architecture, urban planning and the visual arts meet” as Ingrid Luycks explains in her text “Bringing together the imagined and the laws of gravity” making clear that the process of constructive sculpture brings for Doms the process of design and making more in balance than being occupied as an elaborate plastic sculptor. With great photos and sketches the author describes all facets of Doms’ research and design to make works that do not represent but feed the imagination.

With great photos, all projects are shown on the following pages with short texts on each art work, performance, installation, building, functional object, spatial intervention, exposition extension and pavilion, model and building structure.

This solidly designed book ends with a written biography and is a real must for all students in art and all interesting in art, architecture and glass to understand the importance of Doms’ valiant works and his original and strong solutions exploring possibilities of space, light, material, form and shape, gravity, equilibrium and laws of dynamics and mobility. No matter how heavy the piece is, it always stays monumental, elegant and convincing!
Angela van der Burght

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