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In the past weeks we worked hard to get bottle-up started...

Posted 26 December 2015

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The building of our workshop has started on a piece of land that is ideal for running the project, big enough for storage of glass waste, production and storage of the final products. It is located on the outer tip of the peninsula on the East coast of Zanzibar near Michamwi. Directly next to us is a big solar farm that we can share with a neighboring hotel, enabling the sustainability we want to achieve, really great news. This is exceptional as you have to imagine that we actually are in an area lacking all the basic infrastructure completely. 

The glass process

Dullah, Juma and Seleh have assisted us to finalize the ideal way of the production technique that is needed for the real start up of the production process. They have picked up the spirit of learning the skills of glass enthusiastically and are now preparing to get ready for translating the first bottle-up prototypes into Zanzibar upcycled glass products!

Solar farm construction

Cutting the glass bottle

The technique of cutting the glass with the hot wire (all the way around the bottle) has so far been proven the most ideal one and the polishing machine with compressed air gives amazing and very quick results.
Broken glass, often seen during the working process especially in the beginning fase ;)  serves not only as material for terrazzo or building sand but comes in useful as sandblasting sand when put through our crusher. Hopefully Hubert will be able to bring back some of the very first glass samples of the Sky light on his visit next week.

Glass granulates

New products by Bottle-up

We are very proud to say the bottle-up has also been published in many articles and we receive positive responses and feedback via facebook and website constantly.
Wallpaper Magazine / Elle Decor Italia / Sight Unseen / Materia / Design Indaba / Daily Tonic  / Elle / Archipanic / Roomie Japan / Catalogodiseno
and Glass is more!>

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the bottle-up team
The bottle-up project and foundation is an initiative of Hubert & Elisabeth van Doorne and Dutch Design Week.The first team of bottle-up designers consists of:
Sophie Mensen en Oskar Peet - OS & OOS
Klaas Kuiken - Studio Klaas Kuiken
Tom van Soest en Ward Massa - Stonecycling
Pim van Baarsen en Luc van Hoeckel - Super Local

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