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will present the best works of young glass artists and designers from around the world at ZIBA Glass Experience Museum

The seventh edition of the international competitive glass exhibition Stanislav Libensky Award 2015, which is intended for recent art schools graduates from around the world, will culminate on 20th  October 2015 at the final ceremony evening and vernissage at ZIBA Glass Experience Museum. The international jury has selected 40 participants from 23 different countries, for example Egypt, Italy, Ukraine and also the Czech Republic.

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Posted 8 September 2015

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The laureates of the Stanislav Libenský Award 2015 will be announced on 20th October 2015 at the final ceremony evening in the representative interiors of the ZIBA Glass Experience Museum, Prague 1, together with the vernissage. The competitive exhibition will be opened for public from 21st October 2015 to 3rd January 2016. The exhibition will be accompanied by a number of attractive traditionally associated events for all age categories.

The competitive exhibition Stanislav Libensky Award, which is organised yearly by Prague Gallery of Czech Glass, is aimed at conservation of the glass art as a handicraft and unique heritage of Czech culture. It gives chances to the art school graduates who have used glass in their final thesis and enables them present their production to the international audience. At the same time it is an opportunity to meet and inspire each other, to compare individual creativeness, methods of working and a chance to successfully begin the artistic career. The general public can see the artworks of the contemporary glass scene from around the world and compare the participants’ cultural variety as well.  

The professional supervisor of the exhibition is Mgr. Milan Hlaves, PhD, head of the Collections of Glass, Ceramics and Porcelain in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. The visual form is created by prof. Rostislav Vanek.

The main prize is a summer educational stay at the prestigious Pilchuck Glass School, USA. The second prize – a week stay at a glassworks – will be awarded by the Czech glassworks Ajeto. Moreover, this year the contestants have an opportunity to win two special prizes from the Stanislav Libensky Award’s partners – a two-week stay and participation in the workshops at the Corning Museum of Glass, USA, and the prize for original design of the auction bottle of Pilsner Urquell. Another three awarded contestants will have the choice to place their works at the autumnal auction, set up by the Dorotheum Auction House.

The Stanislav Libensky Award, which will be awarded for the seventh time, is a tribute to the notable artist and educator Stanislav Libenský, who is deservedly considered to be the biggest Czech glass artist. This project is aimed not only at conservation of his artistic status, but also at preservation of his frank educational approach, based on a dialogue between the current and the impending generation of glass artists.
The international exhibition always takes place at prestigious representative spaces. It won’t be different this year – it will take place at the Neo-Renaissance house of the former Trade Bank in the Prague centre, where the biggest Czech exhibition centre of Czech glass lately arises. It is called the ZIBA Glass Experience Museum.

More information:
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Hi Hui (CHN): Industry No. 6

L. Aalto (FIN): Set AIIA, Still Together

T. Ishida (JAP): Cups

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