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Applications must be received by North Lands Creative Glass by 1 August 2015
The selection panel will make the residency awards by 21 August 2015.
As part of its 20th year celebrations North Lands Creative Glass is offering 8 places on a hot glass residency programme to be run early in 2016. Each residency will be of four weeks duration and be run in two sessions with 4 artists in each session. The first residency will run from 1st to 28th February and the second will run from 7th March to 3rd April 2016.
The programme will offer the opportunity to create work and collaborate with other artists while also developing new techniques and ideas and is open to individuals or groups. 

Posted 8 July 2015

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Nature of residency:
Focusing primarily on hot glass the residency provides four weeks access to NLCG facilities with three of the four weeks being in the hot shop. Facilities include general purpose/drawing room, kiln room, cold working facilities and all related tools and equipment.
During the residency the selected artists will be asked to produce and donate a small number of works to be used as commemorative objects. These will be offered for sale during the 2016 anniversary year at various venues throughout the UK, and with the funds raised used to support the North Lands programme. It is expected that each artist will spend a third of the residency producing the commemorative work with the rest of the time allowing for personal development. The nature of the commemorative objects will be discussed and agreed with NLCG Artistic Director Emma Woffenden with input from members of the Artistic Advisory Committee. A separate materials budget will be provided for this work
A £300 stipend will be provided to assist with travel and living expenses over the four week period. In addition basic materials will be provided up to a value of £250 per resident for the personal development work.
Accommodation will be provided by NLCG over the four week period in a four-bedroom house. The four residents will be jointly responsible for covering the cost of domestic utilities that are used during their residency; this will be calculated on a weekly basis at the actual cost charged to NLCG.
The period of the residency is granted to the named resident only; partners and other makers are not allowed to work in the studio during this time. Residencies are a time of intense concentrated activity for all concerned; therefore partners are not encouraged to visit for more than a couple of days. They will be responsible for their own meals and there will be a nominal fee for accommodation. Please note that it can sometimes be impossible to accommodate guest partners during the NLCG residencies so this should be discussed with NLCG before any arrangements are made.
Any domestic problems should be discussed with Lorna Macmillan, Administrative Manager of North Lands Glass
Terms and Conditions:
The period of the residency is granted to the named residents, other makers are not encouraged or allowed to work at the studio during this time without prior agreement from Lorna MacMillan.
The residents can plan their work schedules to suit themselves, however, they should consider the efficient use of equipment in the workshops so that every resident is accommodated to achieve the aims of their individual residency. Residents should also consider the efficient melting and annealing of glass and can charge the furnace by agreement amongst the group to suit their work schedules.
During the period of the residency it is incumbent on each resident to communicate with fellow residents in an open and friendly manner. This interaction and exchange is seen as being one of the benefits and challenges of the residency period.
North Lands does not have a limitless budget for the provision of materials but we will provide an allowance of £250 per resident towards batch, coloured glass and other materials for use in the hot shop. Residents should provide any specialist materials used in their work themselves and it is their responsibility to make sure these are available before the residency period begins. A basic range of materials e.g. gas for the torch, grit for sandblasting and grinding, will also be provided.
NLCG's Studio Technical Manager is predominantly responsible for the safe running and maintenance of the workshops. While he will be available to give advice on equipment usage and technical support, he is not a technical assistant for residents.
An open studio event will be organised during the residency.
Each artist is required to provide a short report on their experiences during the residency and photographic evidence of their time spent at NLCG. This is for use in publicity, and may be used in print materials and online channels relating to NLCG. Residents are encouraged to use online channels to document and share their experiences during the residency. Documentation of activity will also be made by NLCG on online channels including the NLCG website, blog and social media. Residents are requested to acknowledge their residency in exhibitions and lectures and encouraged to act as ambassadors for NLCG in their future career.
Residents are expected to fully commit their time to the residency period. Any prior commitments which would result in extended periods of absence should be discussed with NLCG, and agreed, before taking up the residency. Care must be taken not to disturb the neighbours. Work and cars should not block driveways or obstruct access. Noise should be kept to a minimum during evening and early morning hours.
In consultation with the Studio Manager all residents are expected to organise a workshop-wide weekly clean-up of the facilities. On completion of the residency period, the studio should be left as found – all rubbish disposed of and equipment cleaned and left ready for the next occupants. Any breakages or faulty equipment should be promptly reported to the Studio Manager.
Whilst the workshops are covered by a public liability insurance policy, residents are responsible for their own personal accident and liability insurance.
Residents must comply with all health and safety guidelines.
Commemorative Objects
The style nature and number of objects made shall be done so in agreement with the Artistic Director and Artistic Advisory Committee of North Lands.
Materials used for these objects shall be funded wholly by North Lands.
The artist shall relinquish all financial claim over the donated objects but shall retain copyright. North Lands Glass will retain sole right to market and disperse the donated work. For one year after date of making artists shall not market objects of a similar nature without prior agreement from North Lands.
Our Funders:
The residency programme is supported by Creative Scotland. Additional funding for artists may be available from their national or regional arts and crafts councils.
How to Apply:
-A statement no longer than an A4 page outlining how the residency will develop your artistic and career development and what you intend to achieve
-A brief description of the design proposal for the commemorative pieces
-Current CV
-Ten images of work. Each image should be numbered to correspond with the image information sheet. Images can be emailed as jpegs, maximum dimension 720 pixels, at 72 dpi.
-Image information sheet numbered in viewing order with title of piece, date, dimensions and medium
-If applicable, please indicate which image best represents the work you would pursue during the residency
-Two letters of recommendation. These can be sent separately but must arrive by the application deadline
-One paragraph biography suitable for publicity purposes
-Personal details including full contact information, telephone number and email address
Applications can be made by filling in the attached form or by applying online at
More information:
North Lands Creative Glass
Quatre Bras
Lybster, Caithness KW3 6BN
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1593 721229

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