We are happy to welcome Australian National University School of Art graduate Alexandra Frasersmith, our second of 3 Endeavour Award recipients this Summer! Alexandra – or Alex - will be with us as a Visiting Artist for 4 months, conducting her own research and teaching 2 workshops on Lost Wax Glass Casting, both over 2 weekends! 

Posted 7 July 2015

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Alex´s class will teach you the beauty and complexity of lost wax glass casting, how to create different shapes out of wax and to experiment and explore the qualities of wax and glass! At the end of this class you will know how to produce a wax positive, how make a two part refractory mold, and fire it the kiln. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, send us an email: booking@
All materials included!

Lost Wax Glass Casting over 2 weekends
8+9 August and 15+16 August
Pate de Verre Casting and Surface Finishing
2-6 September
Pull Your Cane!
4-6 September
Get Your Goblet On
25-27 September
Lost Wax Glass Casting over 2 weekends
19-20 September and 26-27 September
Glassblowing, on Saturdays! 2 classes, 3 hours each.

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Glassblowing at Berlin Glas

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