Verena Schatz
How can you be so sure?
Print on acrylic glass
120cm x 170cm


-Graduation show LEAP

Department Fine Arts Glass
At the Institute For Ceramic And Glass Art
Koblenz University Of Applied Sciences
In Höhr-Grenzhausen
This program offers students the opportunity to explore the material glass as an artistic medium. In addition to a comprehensive fine arts education, students learn a diversity of glass working techniques, including hot glass working. The goal is to explore and utilize the many aesthetic facets of glass whilst simultaneously allowing the students the freedom to choose other artistic mediums.
This is supplement with praxis-oriented knowledge, art history, and contemporary art appreciation. Art and its context are analyzed through an examination and contemplation of spaces, architectural elements, and exhibitions. International guest lecturers and student exchange programs are integral part of the study program.
Knowledge of glass working is beneficial, but not necessary. Artistic talent is however a requirement. Higher education qualifications are a requirement. Exception: Higher education requirements may be waved in the case of exceptional artistic talent coupled with professional experience.

Posted 6 July 2015

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The Institute offers a six-semester ´Bachelor of Fine Arts´ as well as a four-semester ´Master of Fine Arts´ degree program in Ceramic or Glass.  They include an extensive, in-depth look into art history, contemporary art, art and cultural theory, and explore the materials of ceramic and glass with the aim to apply them as artistic mediums.
The institute has well equipped facilities with the necessary tools and materials for all essential glass working techniques.

Hot glass working is an important element of our program and is available during the entirety of our winter semester. We have a continuous-melt glass furnace, glory holes and annealers in various sizes at our disposal.

Lampworking, fusing, and cold working facilities including a sandblasting cabinet supplement our glass working spectrum and experienced teachers ensure the practical realization of ideas. Basic metal and woodworking machines are available.
Art history field trips to important contemporary and historical museums and exhibitions are an explicit component of the study pogram.
For more information:
Phone. +49(0) 2624 / 91066-0

Verena Schatz
glass, industrial tubes, clamps
dimensions vary

Graduation show on glass and ceramic:

3 Galerien 7 Positionen
12.07. – 19.07.2015
Galerie Handwerk: Rizzastraße 24-26, D-56068 Koblenz
Walerija Peter, Claudia Thumm, Yuhuan Zhang
Galerie Barbara Gröbl: Casinostraße 37, D-56068 Koblenz
Miki Lin
Kasino: Kasinostraße 7, D-56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen
Randolph Capelle, Clara Clauter, Verena Schatz
Opening reception: Sa. 11.07.2015
2:00 pm Galerie Handwerk (Begrüßung)
3:30 pm Galerie Gröbl
6:00 pm Kasino
For more information visit:

Verena Schatz
Emotional Leak
glass, inkjet print
200cm x 150cm

Verena Schatz
glass, industrial tubes, clamps
dimensions vary

Verena Schatz
Emotional Leak
glass, inkjet print
200cm x 150cm

Verena Schatz

One of the students of the glass department is Verena Schatz

Born in 1983 in Austria, Verena Schatz began her career in glass as a teenager learning the traditional decorative techniques of cutting and engraving. In 2003 she completed a 2 year training in construction glazing and worked as a glass technician for 4 years.
In 2008 Verena decided to return to using glass as a creative and expressive medium.  She was an intern at the Corning museum of glass in the summer of 2008, followed by a semester long glass design workshop at the University of Kalmar, Sweden. Verena spent the next three years at the Royal Danish Academy of Design and received a BA in June 2012. She is set to complete her 2 year-long education at the “Institute for Ceramic and Glass Art” University of Applied Sciences in Höhr-Grenzhausen with a Master of Fine Arts in July 2015.
Verena has been awarded scholarships to study at The Penland School of Craft and at The Corning Museum of Glass. She has worked as an artist’s assistant in France, Iceland, Austria and the United States for artists including Jack Wax, Pablo Soto and Sigrun Einarsdottir.
Verena has exhibited her work at many locations in Europe and the United States.
Artist statement
"The title for my thesis is “Transformation”. It is about the fascination with transformational processes – substantial, visual and notional.
The material glass itself has become a source of inspiration for me. I investigate its unique qualities through different stages and use what I learn to generate new ideas.
The outstanding quality of the medium is characterized by its ambiguous nature, which has caused fascination over all periods of time. Being manifest and invisible at the same time make it a very appropriate medium to portray the intangible. Giving form to aspects of our lives that are undeniably part of our existence, but cannot be grasped or explained on a rational base.
I often use the material as a visual filter to achieve optical irritations – to alter the visual experience and subsequently question the way we perceive our reality.
Despite the substantial transformations, I am interested in and occupied by the transitions that are not visible. By that I mean transformations of an object or subject that purely happen on a notional base in the eye of the beholder.
My comprehensive subject of perception is based on my interest in neurological processes and the phenomena connected to them - our consciousness, the banal events of daily life, human relations and our existence in general."

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