Maria Koshenkova 


Familiar Structures
Maria Koshenkova (RUS/DK)
Richard Deutsch: Sound
Friday the 22nd of May we are opening the exhibition Familiar Structures with Maria Koshenkova (RUS/DK) in S12, Norway. 

Posted 15 May 2015

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Maria Koshenkova is an interesting visual and conceptual artist who's using glass as a medium to express herself. She has an experimental approach to her work and sees glass blowing as a way of communicating her ideas, not to create perfectly shaped forms.
In Familiar Structures she is using elements that seem familiar to us (Norwegians), recreating them in her own way – in a new material. At first sight each element might look like a copy of the last, but in reality they are unique objects hand shaped and re-assembled by the artist. 
An interactive sound-installation that turns the gallery into a musical instrument played by the movement of the audience is among the works being exhibited. The Austrian composer, Richard Deutsch, is responsible for sound and technology.
Maria Koshenkova works with conceptual installations, land art, sound, drawing and assemblage. She’s originally from St. Petersburg but is currently living in Copenhagen. Koshenkova has shown her work internationally and participated in big group exhibitions showing contemporary glass and art in general.
She has a MA from St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy and has studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen.  Koshenkova is a visiting artist in S12 in May.
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12.00-17.00
S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery
Skostredet 12,
Bergen, Norway

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