Ayrton Jenny, InTheNet, 2018, 11x12x12, photo JAyrton


31st May – 15th June 2019

Applications can be submitted from 1st September 2018 - 30th January 2019

CGS invites it’s members to apply to this imaginative show in 2019. We are asking for work that has been inspired by an object of some sort. In this case the definition of an object is:
‘A material thing that can be seen and touched but that is not a living animal, plant or person.'
The photographs that Henri Cartier-Bresson took of Matisse in his seventies, working in his studio, also captured many of the objects that the artist had collected over the decades. Some of these objects appear many times in his work and he wrote of them ‘Objects which have been of use to me nearly all my life’
In May/ June 2019 London Glassblowing will be hosting Inspired, a juried exhibition of work by members of the Contemporary Glass Society. Participants will create a work of art in glass inspired by an object.
For this exhibition the judges will be looking for new and original pieces and not just copies of the chosen object.
Selected artworks will be displayed alongside a representation of the tangible object that inspired the piece. Jenny Ayrton, In The Net.

Posted 14 December 2018

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Jenny Ayrton:
‘As a child I was a keen sailor, and this led me to a career afloat with jobs ranging from dinghy instructor, to harbourmaster coxswain and even crewing on a super yacht. Unfortunately due to health issues that dream was curtailed… but it gave me the opportunity to follow another interest, glass! These pieces were inspired by the easily-overlooked buoy, and the rarely viewed anchor that holds it in place. When you’re out sailing in coastal waters you are constantly affected by the flow of the wind, tide, and local eddies and currents. You haven’t got brakes like you would in a car. A buoy is a relatively fixed point either to race around, or to catch hold of and make fast to so that you can relax and eat your sandwiches! I began by making delicate wire anchors and chains, which were then encased between gathers in chunky glass vessels. I blew the smaller piece, I commissioned Richard Glass to blow some larger ones. I‘ve then cut, ground, polished and engraved details. I’ve created tiny pewter and copper buoys and boats which add a sense of narrative and scale.’

Criteria for Selection
-Selection will be from existing artwork, or work in progress ( well expressed designs & proposals must be accompanied by a image of your recent work)
-Work that embraces the theme INSPIRED
-Work that demonstrates excellent standards of creativity and technique.
-Your images will be vital to the selection, so make sure they are top quality and that they accurately represent the actual piece.
-Work from all glass disciplines is welcome and encouraged.
-Glass should be the primary medium.
-All work submitted should have been made since January 2017
-You must be a member of CGS ( you can join to take part in the show )

The Selection: This will be done from images only, so please ensure your images are professional high resolution and represent your work accurately. This is in order to give you the best opportunity in the selection process.
Good photographs will also enable London Glassblowing to commence PR for the long lead press with images of work by successful applicants.
A panel including the Gallery owner, a CGS Board member and an independent juror, will select work in late January and we will contact applicants by 14th February 2019

If your work is selected we will get in touch with you to tell you so and the gallery will contact you to discuss a delivery schedule and contract. You will also be asked for a current CV.

The CGS is the UK’s foremost organisation for supporting established artists, for supporting up-and-coming makers and for promoting contemporary glass in the wider art world.
Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) at The White House, Ipswich Rd, Dickleburgh, Norfolk IP21 4NJ, United Kingdom
+ 44 (0)1379741120,admin@cgs.org.uk www.cgs.org.uk     

CGS New Graduate Review 2018, published 1st September 2018 
CGS at Pyramid Gallery York - WINTER Sat 17th Nov 2018- 14th January 2019 admin@cgs.org.uk www.pyramidgallery.com

The CGS is the UK’s foremost organisation for supporting established artists, up-and-coming makers and for promoting contemporary glass in the wider art world. To make a donation to CGS text 'GLAS10 £2/5/10' to 70070
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